Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Revolving Luck

I am not a great believer in luck. I may find respite in blaming all the bad things that has happened to me by saying, 'that was luck!!', but deep down I sincerely believe, we have the power to either make or break ourselves. I do not trust luck to give me everything that I deserve, but instead I trust my destiny to give me everything that I will honestly work for. We always have a choice. And, I yeah, I had a choice. A choice to not to go to a place which follows no law, yet violates no rule ever discovered by any form of life. A place where every human has its own theory and every one of them are right and wrong at the same time. A place which was definitely not kneeling for me to come, nor was I dying to visit. A place, which is more like Life itself. No body knows whats happening in next 10 seconds. The 10 seconds or so, when the roullete revolves and the ball will find peace with exactly one number. The number which will make a handful of people wealthier by few green notes, but others will lose more than just money. Yes, Casino is a place, where you have nothing, but your own luck, nothing but your own intuition to fall upon. With careful observation and by 'playing safe', you may cut down your potential losses, if need be, but, Casino, is not for 'playing safe'. It is for the risk takers, who are prepared to lose it all, and still smile and say, 'Well, I will have good luck tomorrow!!'.

So, our group of today comprised of a veteran (more of an addict), two calm, patient, risk free players, a few hands in coats type players and a first timer (Yours sincerely), who was prepared to lose everything he had in his wallet (20 euros :P). After watching a few games on different tables and getting a feel of the environment, I debuted. I bought 8 coins, 2.5 euros each.

First Game yielded into second into third and so forth. The trick was not to gain money and then control and move away, but to go on despite winning. I won, I lost and won again. I had started with 20 euros and ended with 57.5 euros. I had be lying, if I said that it did not feel good. But I will also be lying if I said, that it felt better as compared to small happiness which I get by helping a person or protecting a puppy from cold or waking up after a nice deep sleep.
One of my friends did not have that much 'luck' as he lost about 250 euros. But, I am sure he will be back the next day as well. As for me, I may go there once in a while. Because, my idea of a good time is different than spending 4 hours in Casino. Watching the ocean, losing yourself in jungle, climbing the mountains. Small things matter!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

To the Supremo

To the Supremo,

I know that you know. Now, do not pretend. You know, that I hardly contribute to Green House Effect . Yeah, the same bizzare, may be true, may not be true scientific dish which is hot on everybody's platter for the last few years. I rarely use plastics. Ok. fine. I did use a few of them for buying stuffs from Eroskey retail shop. But I have started using my own bag since last few days. I am careful about my energy usage. I love nature and I am in love with hills, mountains and rivers. I still savour the natural beauty far and above the twin towers of Malaysia. (It doesnt mean I detest them. Its a relative thing). Everytime you let the clouds sing, I dance with them by soaking in it. I love animals and would hate to hurt them. Unless, I am left with no other choice, of course. I do my bit to conserve trees and I get depressed with the receding forest cover of the country. I respect every single thing created by you and sincerely believe that everything created by you serves a purpose, no matter, if we are or are not aware of the purpose. Its another thing, that I still have to find mine. But as I said, it does not matter.

So, what is it with you and me. Why do you ruin my every weekend by sending the SUN on vacation and letting the RAIN having all the merry and evaporating all my goody goody plans in to thin air. I know, that you might be confused by my extremely weird sleeping and waking patterns for last few weeks and that it might have been difficult for you to plan in advance the working and holidays of your employees. But, you are supposed to be supremo...right? You are not one of those dim witted managers who contribute 20% of actual work and consume 80% of money influx. You are SUPREMO , MAN!!. you are supposed to have contingency and mitigation plans before you lay out the requirements for the coming generations. Weekends are for fun. To go out and see places. But, you lift the cork, right on a Saturday Morning and everything comes pouring down like a champagne. This is the fifth consecutive weekend, I have gone out with rain cutting loose and Sun behind a cloud cover. I had gone out, after all these is a testimony to my WILL. But, who am I telling? You are almighty. So, you ought to know, what stuff am I made of. So, let me make it very clear. If you are trying to dishearten my spirit, by creating 'bad' weather, then so far, you have failed miserably. And if you are testing my strength and WILL, then GOOD LUCK. After all, I am a part of you.