Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Long Wait...for these!!

The above is such a good sight. Waiting and waiting....

I was just browsing and found out that even the movie 'Bheja Fry' was not an original story from us. It is a rip off of a 1998 French Movie called 'Dîner de cons, Le' by Francis Webber. Gotta download that now!!


  1. I guess, all the ideas have already been worked upon. I am constantly on the lookout for some new invention. Everytime I think of something, Google says, it's already there.. :-(

    It's the same situation with the movie makers. All possible stories have been written. Even if you write a story on your own, without copying, somebody would have written something like that before. Hehehe, what about your story????? When will it see the day-light?

  2. yeah....But I have a couple of very good stories. Its still inside though. And it will see daylight..sooner or later...hehe