Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Long Wait...for these!!

The above is such a good sight. Waiting and waiting....

I was just browsing and found out that even the movie 'Bheja Fry' was not an original story from us. It is a rip off of a 1998 French Movie called 'Dîner de cons, Le' by Francis Webber. Gotta download that now!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Lost Asset

Keeping Bhagwad Geeta's most overused statement - 'Tumhara kya tha jo tum kho rahe ho' on the corner for the time being, I can lay claim on one thing which was purely mine. No, I did not bring it with me on this planet as a gift from imaginary powers and ofcourse it did not come overnight due to some spider bite. But, it was mine and I got it through a steady progress of time. I was too small at that time to understand overwhelming praise and generally positive impression which it creates, and when the time and oppurtunities has run out to make amends, I am sensing a blankness which that asset has created by abondoning me. Friends, I am talking about my handwriting. There was a time in my school days, when it was the talk of the town(ok, sorry...a bit too much exaggeration) and I garnered some kind and enthusiastic words from my teachers (and parents offcourse) for my neat and 'motiyon' jaise achhar. And the very fact that I was good at it inspired me to write more and more. I could easily write on and on and then sit back, enjoy and admire the neat pages filled with neat words.

Ah...gone are the days. The advent of laptop, computers and cell phones not only limited the chances of 'milan of pen and paper', but sadly made me regret after seeing the paper when that 'milan' did happen. The pressures of work and time made it worse. I think, I first noticed the decline in the first year of working life, when the shapes of the letters were not what they had looked before. The letters have become increasingly unrecognisable. 'b' and 'd' have become alien to each other and 'f' uses the F word every time it sees 'e', unmindful of the fact that they are immediate neighbours.

I pity myself...for that lost asset!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Snake on a Dream

What is that snake doing in the middle of a cricket ground? It was a big snake, moving swiftly towards the centre of the pitch. I was fielding near the boundary and I shouted at top of my lungs to fellow guys to clear the way for it. Seeing its size, any other intentions would have been labelled foolishness. The legless creature continued its stride, seemingly proud of disturbing the game. Hey, what is happening in the center of the pitch? The snake has an adversory. A guy is in the front and is mocking him by making faces. The snake becomes angry and by a swift action of jumping well high in the air, bites the guy on the face, near the nose. The guy falls, and the snake disappears in the bushes. Everybody stands still, not knowing what to do. Everybody rushes towards the guy. But me..
I open my eyes. Horrified followed by thirst. I look around my bed for any traces of the legless creature. With a sigh of relief, I have a glass of water, come back. This was a night of dreams. That snake dream was followed by no less than 4 dreams, all overlapping and their boundaries blurry. All were logical dreams which made perfect sense, but only inside my head. In the realistic world, one could not decide which was more wierder. I do not remember any of the dreams except the snake one. The snake dream has just stuck. May be because of the snake's size. I was told when I was a child, that snake in a dream brings money in life. Not sure, if I can trust this. I will probably sleep soundly than waking horrified in the middle of the night and getting a cheque in the morning.