Friday, February 20, 2009


Greenery, dark and light and somewhere brownish red was all which was visible when we were about to land in Bilbao.Huge streches of green forests having pointed trees, patches of light green grasses and mountains were my first impressions. Absolute Cleaniliness and everything around having a sense of smoothness inbuilt.
I was only couple of hours old in the foreign city. The struggle for food which I had been forewarned was not without reason. I had been told, even the non-veggies do not trust the non-veg restaurants here. And veggies are in for a lot of trouble if they dont know how to cook. I amin second category, that too of the extreme type. My only relation with the kitchen has been making tea every nowand then. A complete novice in handling matters related to kitchen and cooking. But, jiska koi nahi uska to khudahai yaaron!!!

After roaming for about 2 hours in the city, braving the rains and the cold winds, I returned to the hotel, andfell asleep while trying to watching a movie on the system (The Reader - emotional, slow type). Suddenly, my roomphone started ringing. I answered the phone. As I said, jiska koi nahi.... A few of my collegues who are alreadyhad heard that 'someone' is coming from India. As, there are only a couple of hotels who are company approved where guys generally stay, it was not difficult to find me.

A well begun is half the battle won. This could not have been more apt now. The guys and girls who were/are here have been extremely supportive. While the guys took me on a tour of city to have me acquanted with all the important and interesting corners, the girls made me acquanted with the nuances of kitchen tools. You always feel like a winner when you have crossed a hurdle, a boundary, an unknown. This was the feeling when I prepared my first dinner few days back. A simple rice with mix veg. It was tasty as the lady who tested it testified. Now, I look forward to the night. It is just a thought, that makes me feel good. The thought, that now I have a choice. If I am not in a mood of eating snacks or something else, I can cook. The thought of a winner. The thought, the strength, that always was, hidden deep inside has come to the fore front for my rescue. After all, survival is not always that easy!! And neither it has been more interesting..for me.

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