Saturday, February 14, 2009

It really is a difficult job

It is really strange how things change so quickly. A few days back, I used to discuss why do we work like a donkey. Our backs always ladden with workload, and everybody knowing, more than half of that is plain shit. But even shit work is work...isnt it? Why do we have to fight every single friday night that it is FRIDAY NIGHT!! I am lucky to have a good and supporting lead and I was smart enough to save my A** most of the weekends and remain unscathed. Anyway, I am quite notorious to not pick my phone on weekends and holidays.

The equation has changed. And I am on the wrong side of it. An undefined, irrational variable. This is my first weekend in Spain all equations point towards me connecting from home and work. True to my nature and sensing sure turbulence I thought something. But, here, like most software culture, one man´s gain is another man´s loss. If I am not working, somebody has to work for me. And who else than somebody from my team in India. It has been very hard for the guys in my team back there. I had to convince a guy so hard to cover up for me for the same thing against which I was filling his ears since the day he joined.(He is a junior). That thing was to say NO!!. I had to be a friend, a collegue, a senior and give all kinds of emotional atyachar to him, only to make him available over the weekend so that I could enjoy my weekend.
That was worth it, however. I am off to Barcelona this weekend!!

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  1. Hahahahaha....Life always pays back everything that you have given away.

    Cool, How was Barcelona??? I still haven't seen any photographs....