Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Fall, A lady and a Geek

Alfred: Why do we fall?
Bruce: Why?
Alfred: So, that we can lift ourselves up!
(Rip off from Batman Begins)
Learning a bicycle, you are bound to fall sometimes. While trying something new, hiccups are bound to come. So, how could I have avoided it? I have burned my fingers, infact two of them, in the kitchen. Bad estimation skills on the amount of time and heat needed to get the bread soft, light and warm has cost me considerable pain. The two fingers on the left of the thumb of my right hand have swelled a bit, and believe me , its no fun typing in here with the fingers regarding my burned fingers. It pained so much at first and I was about to dip my hand straight in the chilled coke which I had just poured into the glass. I refrained from doing it however. That coke was for my bellies. Holding the glass did gave me some respite. Its funny, though. For almost 10 days, I was working alone in the kicthen and everything was allright. I had an accomplice (okay, fine I was the accomplice), for the first time, I ended up burning two of my fingers.
On other news, while I was attending a call (a meeting in office), with a couple of guys trying to get something out of all the Spanish they were speaking, a very very cute lady totally unknown to me asked me, if I will share a piece of pizza with her. All spanish jargons took a backseat. But there was still a question to be answered. Oh, I gave a mouthful to myself for being a vegeterian. She had the piece all by herself. well, atleast she thought. Or, atleast I thought that she thought. Ok, nevermind, go ahead.
Now, I know atleast one Spanish girl who is never going to forget us. By 'US' , I mean the We, the Indians. She is in the same hotel where we are staying and I was sitting the business centre room where we access net(where I am sitting now). She comes, says Hi and connects her lappy.
After 10 mins, she calls the reception and says she is not able to access net. The receptionist sees me and asks if I can help. I say, sure and try to look in the cobweb of Vista. Everything in Spanish. So, I am trying to see what is the problem, on a Spanish Sony lappy will all the configurations in Spanish for a spanish lady who does not know English. A collegue of mine enters and she starts digging up too. Finally after some 15 mins of struggle and overcoming the language barrier and technical issues, her lappy is back on track. Seemed like, some one played with the settings of the network adapters. Anyway, the lady was all smiles and thank yous... we are!!
There are a couple of open topics on which the blog was promised and it is still not out here. The one is about a grand unfinished church which I saw in Barcelona and the other about a lunch with my Spanish Collegues.
Coming out soon..


  1. I always knew you would burn your fingers someday or the other. Cooking isn't cricket. Its a lot more complicated than that. You are all padded up while batting, but while cooking, there is no safety guard. Be careful....

    Geek huh....I will give you the same sitution on a Vista laptop - English Version. Let's see if you can fix it then. Hahaha..

    By the way, I have added two new cities to my list of visited cities of the world, this weekend. I will be writing about them shortly, till then, enjoy typing with burnt fingers.

  2. Hehehe By the way I did get a chocolate from the Spanish girl for fixing her net connection and yeah I didn't tell you that so as to not to share