Thursday, February 5, 2009


It has been a strange last few weeks. In a good way though. I was busy not-working one day, feeling happy about my coming holiday plans, when suddenly my TL asked me come inside a meeting room where 4 wise people were discussing something important(my guess). Now, I know there is nothing funny about it, but somehow, I am not a ´meeting´guy. So, I managed a weird smile and before entering I asked him in sign language, what was it all about? He said,'Teri chuttiyon ke baare mein baat ho rahi hai, use cancel karwana hai'.I did not get time to get upset and show my reactions, as was face to face with my manager soon. She said,' Would you like to go to Spain for about 3 months? It was a shock of the pleasant type. As per my habit, I simply asked how much time I have to give the answer.

I had planned a 15 days leave starting 20th Feb. I was very excited to attend the wedding of one of my Best friends. So excited, that I was pushing all other friends from all corners to join me on the day. Tickets were ready,friends were ready. Everything was set. Until that question. I knew the answer even before I called my parents and asked them their opinion. The toughest part was calling my friend and telling him, I may not come to his wedding. I dont know, if choosing a foreign assignment is better than not attending your best friend's wedding. I just put myself in his place and imagined if I will feel bad if something of this sort happens. The sadness, if any of not seeing my friend on D-day was comprehensively outweighed by the happiness which I got by seeing his growth and prosperity.

This was almost 3 weeks ago. Now, I am sitting in 4 star hotel in a small and beautiful city called Bilbao in Spain,writing this and thinking I should have gone out and see something instead of writing. Only, if it was not raining here. However, the honour of first foreign soil where I have set foot will go to Germany(Frankfurt) where I landed from New Delhi and had a connecting flight to Spain 4 hrs later. I am in the country which is the reigning Euro Cup champion and who has a tennis prodigy who has dethroned Federer.(By the way, I just saw Federer in a Gillete ad).
Rest soon to follow..


  1. Oye...Tereko koi kaam nahi hai...Blog likh raha hai??

    Hmm....So, You have been to Europe, now what?

    It seems that I will also not be able to attend Vijay's marriage, for different reasons. I have already started composing a mail for him.

    But for now, enjoy Bilbao. I agree, the toughest part is calling him up. I know I will get scolded with all the exotic vocab that he has picked up since 2006. I have a ear to hear.

  2. I am an efficient person.May be, I always was :D

    There is another toughest part..working with on a spanish laptop..