Wednesday, February 25, 2009

6 AM in the morning

It is 5:13 AM in the morning(about 10 AM India time). Even before the night has started to fall, I had decided. I had decided that I am not going to sleep today. Just felt like it. Not for any particular reason. I reached home at around 7 30 in the evening and wasted a complete half an hour - 'to cook or not to cook'. Another half an hour was wasted decided 'what to cook'. That was not a very difficult question, though, considering my 3 days working experience with kitchen tools. After I swallowed somehow, something which I prepared with a glass of Coke, the lady who lives in the neighbourhood, brought me a tiffin half full of 'chole' which she had prepared. A full one hour after I had eaten and probably when quarter of it was already digested. Oh, only if you had brought it before, it had saved , both my time and energy. Neverthless, after saying thanks which she accepted gleefully, I put the tiffin in the refreigerator and it will serve as my breakfast today.
Keeping yourself awake is not easy. Especially, when you dont have any body around to talk and the ones who are around do not understand your language. I indulged myself to reading a few pages of novel which I have started(1984 - George Orwell), watched one and a half movies (Donnie Darko, The sisterhood of Travelling pants), watched BBC news for 2 hours (the only channel which comes here in a language which I can fully understand).
Talking of languages, the greatest challenge I am facing here is to converse with my collegues. Making them understand exactly which I want them to understand is a huge task here. Probably, there are only a couple of guys on the whole floor who can speak and understand 'angrezi' good enough, so that I dont have to repeat myself. I have learnt to speak s-l-o-w-l-y and be a bit more P-A-T-I-E-N-T with them and speak with expressions, sign languages and writing to them at the same time so that they get every word I speak. But it is another challenge which I am thouroughly enjoying. After all there are not too many managers available who say the F word to you and you can show them your middle finger in reply. These are the expressions who are common in all the languages, I guess. One of the guys here is having a nightmare pronouncing 'Vaibhav' and no matter how hard we try, that has not come off as intended, yet. Anyway, its nice at a strange place among strange people. Among the crowd, but still alone.


  1. Hmm..Cholle for breakfast....A real bliss after such a long break from some indian food....

    Don't try..Let him say only "V"....You guys have got other things to take care of. Well......great to know that you can't watch those Big Boss, MTV Roadies...I am enjoying...hahahah

  2. i anyway..did not watched Big Boss. But I still watch cricket. got a site which shows online match...watched the first 20-20...great stuffs