Saturday, January 3, 2009

In The Name of The Father:Movie Review

I really wanted to write a movie review for some time now, just to test my mettle in this field. The hurdle was which movie to chose. I have seen scores of movies in the past month, some excellent (HEAT, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE,DOG DAY AFTERNOON), some good(LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, THE NOTEBOOK, DASVIDANIYA, THE SWEET HEREAFTER, MASTER AND THE COMMANDER:THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD, SLEEPERS, THE INSIDER), some Average(VANTAGE POINT,RNBDJ, GHAJINI), some just waste of time and definitely not worth naming here. I have another  120+ movies in my lappy in 'TO SEE' folder. Not to forget, an extra 200+ movies in 'To Download' list. So, may be I was waiting for just to be in a right mood, rather than a right movie to traverse this path. I guess, I found out both tonight.

Let me Present to you 'IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER'---Year 1993
                                       Starring: Daniel-Day Levis

PREMISE: This movie is based on an autobiographical book 'Proved Innocent' by Gerry Conlon. The plot is based on the incident that Gerry Conlon was arrested and charged with bombing of a pub in London which killed many civilians. The fact was he never committed the crime. Another fact was, he served 15 years in jail for something he did not do. He and his whole family was arrested under 'Prevention of Terrorism Act' and served different years in Jail for commiting crimes or being a part of it by providing them 'Safe Houses'. 

While, I will live up to you to see the events unfold itself and how he got justice. But the movie, while always moving to its climax, provides a chilling account of the humiliation the protoganist and his family served and their subsequent resurrection. Acted with absolute perfection by Daniel-Day Levis, you seem to live his life, feel his pain and his victory is our victory. Another most important aspect of the movie is estranged Father-Son relationship shown in the movie. The duo share a prison cell and how their relationship evolves is worth praising and admiring.

The pace of the movie is fast in the begining and the end, with a little bit slow in middle. But, that is the where the pudding of the movie reigns and sets the ending. The music score is brilliant and I cant comment on other technical things. You know, I am not qualified enough for that.

I may have heaved praise on the movie, a bit more than it deserves, or so you may feel. But for me, the movie was worth every second spent in watching it. And I did feel enriched, once it came to its grand end. May be the silent and chilling atmosphere also had a part in making this movie more haunting.

For me, Its as good a movie as you will see, and one of the very few movies which will stay with me for a long time to come.

And Yes, sorry to disappoint Aamir - Ghajini was not something which remained with me after leaving theatre. What remained was a couple of good songs and a pathetic attempt at comedy.


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