Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another Friday

Watching a movie on the same friday it is realised can be very risky. As we(Me and my friends) found out last friday (Friday, the 16th). We had already decided to go CC2C and since we are all working guys, it invariably means night show. The night show starts at 10:50 in the nearest theatre. I had got an indication of 'how bad this movie is' as the day had progressed. I generally read reviews and comments of a movie. But I just read it.  I go to a movie with an open, yes Mind. My primary aim is keep me entertained and not to have a boring time. It can be of either genre, and I believe me I watch all genres. It can be a gory, psycotic movie with all the blood and scenes (300, SAW series, The Inside etc) to mushy soft romantic(oh..there are so many!!), and I can like all of them. So,  I desparately look for some good in any movie with which I can salvage myself once I am done with the movie. But CC2C was one of those movies which made be think, Shi!!, I could have watched another good movie in this time. While returning, we swore to each other, we are not coming to watch another movie the day it is released.

But that was Friday, the 16th. Now it is Friday, the 23rd. And two movies were realising. Slumdog Millionaire, with all the hype and Oscar Buzz and the obvious connection and the mystery-horror Raaz- The mystery continues. It was a difficult situation. I had watched Slumdog... weeks back, so there was only Raaz on which yes or no was pending. Horror movies are made to watch only in theatre. Plus, there is an advantage with watching horror movies in theatre, If they turn out bad and cheap, that becomes a comedy. Well, these two arguments from my side were enough to tune our mature minds to not to trust every critic everytime.

So, we went. The movie was a horror or a comedy, that is for you to decide. But, we did not had a bad time at all.  But the real stuff was after the movie, when we had to walk back in the night around 1:30 in the morning. The discussion on the topic, which is perhaps as old as language on this planet was inevitable, Bhoot sahi mein hote hai kya??. We walked and we talked our real experiences. I have one too, though not very creepy. In our flat, we had our dinner together, with our stories floating. Each one of us had a story to tell and they all seemed real. And when every person you meet has a different story to tell on the same topic, I really tend to think, not all can be false, isnt it? A complicated question to answer, especially when it is 3 in the morning, I slept over it, listening to the song - Kaisa ye raaz hai..

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  1. Remember, we did talk about this on friday night, when I was at the station. I would have been happy then, if we would have swapped places, because, that was the worst train journey I had ever had. It was so boring.
    Anyway, regarding the movie, no comments... I won't watch it now....HAHAHAHA

    And about bhoots, I still don't believe that they exist. They are just like another topic that nobody gets bored of. Hehehehe....Pichche dekh jara...