Monday, December 22, 2008

May be Lousy, but koshish to ki!!

Its been two days.
You have not shown your face.
Try, try some more.
Have we done some disgrace?

Come Out, Please Come out
I say,I pray
He feels,'This is not the time'
But you should be in your prime

Do not come for me,
for I can still live.
But think of those,
Who have nothing to give

They are shivering.
And you are aware.
Let them sink in your warmth.
The same warmth, which all of us will share!

Mornings are unclear and hazy
Afternoons are dazed, without your light
Evenings are confused on their own existence
Still, you dont seem to notice, our plight.

You cannot go to hiding. 
Nothing can hold you.
We are all waiting on the other side.
Nobody is a Captain here and nobody a crew.

'Yes, Yes!!', He says.I will come.
 I will pierce those clouds. I will pour my love.
 You have been waiting long. 'Till then'
 Hold the hands of those you care. Spread Warmth and be a Dove!!


  1. Kya hai yeh...kiske baare me hai??

    Pata nahi...I am not very good at poetry...So, May be I cannot understand poems, may be it's a fine piece to begin with...let others comment..

  2. abe....kitna simple to hai....thodi der ruk jaa...phir samja dunga....

  3. dude,

    Nice try.. But you have to reread and try to find out there were little problem in the whole stuff... find that out and write sth new.. vese i cud understand it at last