Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A little story and the Year of Resolutions

He was trying very hard. He was trying to sneak through the little space available. He had tried every angle possible. But despite all the push, he could only let half his body inside. He was looking around, for help, but the shock had left him speechless. The shock, that how could one be so mean to put a big stone on the front gate of his own house. The evening was merging with the night and the two will become inseparable soon . And it was chilly as well. His restlessness was increasing. I was passing around. I went past him at first without noticing him, immersed in my own troubles. But I realized, if I had missed something. I turned around and laughed. I found it funny. Well, he did not find it funny at all and gave me a hard stare. But he did not say anything. Anyway, I understood his problem. I looked and saw the big stone on his gate. I picked it up with my both hands and threw it away. He just looked and went inside. 

I shrugged it off and went on my way. Then, I just turned back. There he was once again, with three of his other siblings. They were all happy now, leaning into each other. The puppies never looked more cute.

My last article of the year...

Well, I do have lots of plans for the coming year. Though, I am not  known as a Planner (or Schemer: Quoting 'THE JOKER'), but there are a few things I would like to care of, before even the coming year fizzes out. But, even if I did not, the responsibility of being irresponsible lies solely with me, as always.

Welcome, the year of Resolutions!!


  1. Wish you a very Happy New Year...

    31 posts in 2008, hope to see a lot more next year...

    You won...I could manage only 21...Well..I plan to write one more today.... :-)

    Happy Blogging.

  2. Nice post, and Happy new year.

  3. Days are passing, and you are excelling in your writing... Nice piece of writing dude...