Sunday, December 7, 2008

Its That Time of the Year

Its that time of the year when..

--> Some Friends, who somehow dont get time to call at any time of the year start eating memory pills , so that they can remember to call you at a certain time today.

--> Number of Orkut scraps follows the inverse law of the value of stocks these days and may rise up to 10-15% over a period of just a couple of days and continue to rise with a slower rate of growth in the following week after which once again it goes slumbering and then stutters till the next period of awakening.

-->A lot of smileys in the orkut scraps from friends you never heard in the last year.

-->Mind unconsciously ponders over the period gone by and wasted and thinking where were you at this time last year.

--> You want to be happy, but you are not. You assure yourself that everything is fine and you are not out of place in your own world and wonder if I am at a stage where you wanted yourself to be. 

-->You go a couple of years back on the same day in college and still shudder remembering  the  Maggi and Cold drinks Bill which you paid.

-->You go more than just a couple of years back, when you were at home, and remember how your parents were happy and proud today, gave you little presents, and reminded you why this day is so important and which you realise now, that it is just another day.

-->You wait for that special call which usually comes at this time of the year and you tend to forget and forgive yourself and that special caller that nobody called each other before and feel good when that call does come.

--> The only thing which you want today is a nice little place, where you are away from all the mayhem and you can reflect back on what you have done, and what you should have done!!

In short, tomorrow will mark my two dozen years of stay on this lovely planet. Aah..when I was born, I had never thought, I will come this far!!!

Way to go!!!


  1. Dude.... I should have guessed that...

    You are missing so many things....
    - some serious football action
    - some extra-card card bills
    - some cold drinks and snacks

    I will be calling just at midnight...

  2. Not bad yaar! Belated Happy B'day too [:P]

  3. @Roy...
    Not bad kya...mera janmdin?