Saturday, November 22, 2008

One fine night

I was in [No] mood to write today. I was sitting whole day at home. Doing nothing, but wasting time in a usual nonchalant manner.[Now, would you believe it? Read the first sentence. I wrote, 'I was in a mood to write today'. But in mind, I was writing,'I was in no mood to write today'. I missed 'No'. May be I was destined to write today.]. Lets move forward. Talking about doing nothing, and waiting for something to happen, which I could rant, reminds me of  an incident, when I was still in school. I had a friend, who stastically speaking was a couple of years junior to me. For the record, his name was (we are not in contact now) Gunjan(a boy). Mentioning 'a boy is necessary becauseI know someone who shares this name and is not a boy. Moving forward, he comes to me one fine afternoon and says, 'bhaiya, aaj paper mein maine padha tha, ki aaj mujhe kuch meetha khane ko milega. Maine shaam tak wait kiya. Kuch meetha nahi mila to maine bazaar jaa kar mithai kha liya'.Ok, move it forward, man!!

So, it happened, that nothing happened when whole day I was something to happen. It became dark soon. I just took a jacket(yes, winter is here) and stepped outside. I regretted it soon after and came unscathed in a little over 20 mins. I guess, I was destined to be hit by some speeding truck or atleast a drunk rick kid on car today. It had to be my innocent looking face beneath which I hide all my anhumanly thoughts and tendencies, that God decided otherwise, and I was only hit  twice with lightweight harmless articles. 

First hit. I was crossing the road and when I reached the middle of it, avoiding and bucking evrything, I was hit by an aeroplane. A paper aeroplane. Right in the forehead, just above my right eye. The plane dropped on the road, shamelessly.  'Ok, well, that was nothing', I thought and moved ahead. 

I was going inside a general store to buy myself a chocolate. As I was moving in, I got hit by a chocolate wrapper. It missed my eye by a hair. As it happened, a guy was coming out with a chocolate, and he was in a hurry to taste it. The chocolate went inside his mouth and its wrapper hit me. Ofcourse, I was soon being tested with bouncers. 'Oh, I am sorry, I was aiming it somewhere else. That was not intentional. I am really sorry.' 'Its Ok, no problem, it happens!' I said and moved past him inside the store. This was my second hit.

I took the chocolate and while I was paying,  the boy who was working there told the owner of the shop,' jo sahab pehle chocolate le rahe the na, unhone yahin par chocolate khol diya aur uska kagaz aisa pheka ki  ee sahab ko ekdum aankh mein jaa kar laga'. I said that, that was nothing. 
The owner said,'main aapko bata deta hun ki , ye hindustaniyon ke paas kabhi dimag nahi aayega!'. 

Startled by his remark at first, I just said,'Aapke pas hai na?'.

P.S-Just wanted to share this. Have you watched Dasvidaniya? I doubt, if you have heard the name. Its a small, low profile movie. My take-go for it. It will please you more than most mindless entertainers that are coming off late. 

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  1. Hmm....I had to read through twice, since I also don't have much to do now. But, I completely failed at guessing what mood you are in right now. Nevertheless, you did get hit by something, at least. And you didn't get hurt, even better. So, does this suggest something, maybe something big is going to happen. We will find out soon. :)