Thursday, November 13, 2008

God's Morning Joke

All of a sudden, I have become very conscious of my waistline. No, it has not increased upto alarming levels, not yet. But, time moves very fast. And if we dont keep track of it, it will move us out of track. I am proud of my waistline, in the sense, that, I can still boast , that it is more or less the same as it was during college days. Sitting in front of 'white screen with black boundaries with letters dancing in it' for long hours has not affected my waistline too much. And when my peers and friends say that ,'abe, tu to waisa hi hai', I take it as a compliment. But for how long? I realised that I am hovering over a thin line that separates, what you can call a 'hatta katta swasth banda' and a 'mota banda'. I am in a age group where, we often neglect the thin line in our pursuit of growth, money, power, career(almost synonyms of each other) that we invariably trip on the wrong side. So, I decided to take the plunge before it gets too late. So, what  am I going to do? Or rather how am I going to do?

Among other things, with steely determination, I have started to go for a morning walk. So what, if I am going in jeans. Lack of suitable clothes  can not stop me from starting. Determination has been pushing me from bed  for last three  early mornings. But, I will be tested in coming days. Winter is crawling slowly. Air is already cool and scented with the its fragrance. I hope to keep my ground.

Talking of morning walks, I remember an incident. 
Nightouts were an integral part of my college life.(They still are. Though the frequency has decreased). I had a weird habit of going for a walk in the mornings on most of those nightouts. I believe, it gave me a sense of achievement, a feeling of doing something good, after wasting time in nights. So, it was one of those days, when I was sitting on my bed parallely to  the backdoor which I had left open to welcome the dawn. (It was ground floor). I reckon, it was around 5:00 AM and it was still dark outside, when I opened outside wooden door.(Left the inside webbed door closed ) I had pulled my running shoes from under the bed and started reading something, as I waited for 'some light' to come outside. After about 15 mins, I turned to see towards the door. And, I saw a person(I am inclining to say man, but I didnt see the face). In plain white clothes, he was trying to see, who is sitting inside the webbed doors. I rushed to the door. But he was gone. I opened the door violently and rushed outside. But he was GONE!! Absolutely, no human presence anywhere near was visible. Honestly speaking, I was more curious than scared. 

Was it God's joke to pull me out of my room and announce that the dawn has indeed come? If yes, then he succedded. As I went for a morning walk soon after.


  1. Hehe....124 right?? That was me!!!!!!

    Well, Winters are good for Morning walks, do you see the mornings during the summers?? Determination is one thing, but we NITKians are really terrific planners... Does any one agree??

  2. No i am not agree. We are good planner but we do not follow the plan.. So we are not the good followers but yah we are good planner..
    Anyways kunal now you will realize the importance of waking up early... I tried to tell you that, but now you will learn that

  3. @beanie
    no, that was not you..
    coz..that was not 124. It was 128 :)

    I missed the morning walk today ;)