Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blabbering: Two friends chat after another bloody 26th

Note: This is a real chat and not my imagination. A few of foul words have been used here by both of us but please do not assume that we are foul mouthed guys. This was written in the heat of the moment.  

MF---My friend

MF: kya ho raha hain be ye .
ME: is desh ko inspector lobo ki zarurat hai
MF: heheh sach me.
ME: man...i may be joking...but this is seriously bad..
MF: yeah for sure.. its horrible
    can u imagine
    they ran off in police van itself !
ME: yes..saw the news
    cricket tour cancelled, champions league in doubt
    101 killed
    shit shit shit...
MF: u mean england going back or we r not going to our nex tour
ME: england goin back
MF: oh
    shane warne says..he is nt coming to india
MF: oh damn
ME: its not worth the risk
    ponting wants champions league to be shifted somewhere else...
MF: that f****r will always want it to b shifted
    here ppl are still dying
    and these ppl are bothered about their cricket
ME: i had the same feeling
    i dont know...what can be done to stop this carnage every now and den..
MF: its v.difficult to stop this i guess
ME: was that a pakistani terrorist attack..
MF: dont know .. thats wot they r suspecting
ME: nuclear attack on pakistan..saala...destroy the whole f*****g country
    na rahega bajegi baansuri
MF: yeah and they 'l destroy ours ! they r mad !
    saale even we wont stay after that
    the remaining elements of that country will screw us
ME: i know..i was blabbering....
    i was not serious
MF: hehe ok
ME: violence is not always the solution
    but sometimes it is..
MF: but u know non violence is not working either
ME: u should know..when to use it and when not to use it..
    and how to use it for maximum effect
MF: hmm right
    i hope this is the final wake u call to our country 1!! 
ME: this damn country doesnt wake ...
    how many times they will try
    i am gonna be IPS.....
    and kick these guys in the butt
MF: hehe .. everyone thinks the same when an attack happens
    i want to be black cat commando ! 
ME: i know..i was not serious once again..
    i was blabbering
MF: ok ok ur blabbering a lot these days
ME: if I cannot stop violence..atleast I can spread peace..
     once again blabbering...never mind
MF: its ok
    i understand ur feelings
ME: everybody is feeling the same...
    aaj mujhe manager mujhe bole to m**r lunga uski...
MF: hehehehe
ME: bolunga....log mar rahe hai..aur tujhe proj ki padi hai
MF: hheheheh pagal ho gaya hain tu
ME: this was not blabbering.....
    this was serious..
MF: ohh ok
ME: dont mess with me today...
MF: ok ok
ME: hehe 
    abe kya rakha hai MBA mein...
    sab bakwaas hai
MF: haan main kal yahi bol raha tha
    soch IIM-A se MBA kiya
    aur phir taj me rehne ko mila aur taj me mara
    phir kya use of slogging all the way
ME: thats a really novel thought....
    thank god...I didnt give CAT seriously
MF: heheh seriously i thought the same thing yest . thank god i dint get overjosh to do well in             life.
     yaaar i feel now its time to leave this country cuz u alone cant do anything
ME: nope...that will be the last thing that will come to me
     i am not gonna desert this country
MF: nobody is deserting . i wont go for this reason but just feel that u shud not lose ur life to this     for no fault of urs
ME: dats true...
    but if fate means you to lose...give it a good fight anyhow
MF: u know ... sometimes i feel .. wot can i do as a citizen to make a difference
ME: cannot leave...
MF: but wot do u do here by staying also ? when was the last time u voted during elections?
ME: i hv never voted...
MF: see if u dont even vote .. ?the slightest difference also u wont make
ME: bt its not like...i dont want to vote... I am staying away from home... 
    i cannot vote in bangalore..
MF: hmmm
ME: and I dont wanna use unfair means to be able to vote..
MF: hmmm
ME: atleast we can make a difference to our immediate spread peace, 
       love(s**) and maintain a healthy work and living
MF: hehehe ok ok
ME: so that no body else from outside with not so good intention can pollute...
MF: ok ok
    and study for snap cuz u will b put up in 3-4 star hotels after that atleast ur life wont b in               danger
ME: hehe....I am just gonna do my job...what will happen...happen
    you know..when I went to give IIFT..
    I met a guy before the exam,,,,
    who irritated me to hilt...with his problems and bad luck and his unable to give good                       performance in exams and his no job...and so and so...
MF: heheh 
ME: I wish...I could have been more sympathetic to him and given him encouragement.. :(
MF: arrre koi nahi be . now exam ke time tu bhi kya kar sakta hain
ME: but the point was...not about having problems...but how to deal with them..
    this guy was looking defeated
MF: hmmm... see sometimes u just give up hope u cant blame him ,when all roads look blocked u cant pose like an ideal man !
ME: i am not blaming anybody...but I dont see a point in being depressed...
MF: well.. we r not in his siutation to understd exactly the feeling
ME: I am having problems as well..and they are serious too..
    well..may be u are right..
MF: the problems and resistance level of each person is diff
ME: but even If I imagine myself in his shoes...i dont think..that I had be so sad so as not to smile
    everybody is different
MF: yah i mean before the exam there is no point in thinknig that ur a loser !
    thats the last thing i wud want to do !
    btw i dont think we ever think we r losers
ME: exactly....this is the point....
    courage and confidence will be the last things on my 'to lose list'
MF: yeah true i agree
ME: karna dharna kuch hai nahi..bas courage aur confidence ka jhanda lekar hum chillate rehte hain
    we are biggest hypocrites..
MF: hehehehe...
   abe ab tu details me mat jaa
ME: details..kya sach hi bol raha hun
MF: hmmmyeah
ME: abhi tak maine kuch kiya to hai bolun ki maine courage dikhaya ho
    tune shayad kiya ho :)
MF: hehehe.. nothin which i recollect that bold..
    well.. wot the police who lost their lives did yesterday that is courage
ME: yes...
    even, once I hit continuous three sixes in an over when required 25 runs to win in the last over...
    that was courageous
    we lost by 1 run though..
MF: hehehe.. like that i bowled 4 overs and gave 2 runs and picked 3 wickets against my seniors and turned the match .. though it became a tie. heheeh so     thats courage at low level
    but actually thats not courage
    thats bakc***i waala courage
ME: i know..i was blabering once again
MF: real courage will b tested someday and we will know that day
ME: yeah..


  1. This conversation totally represents our youth's desire and anger!Somewhere a start needs to be made, if not the so called 'shining india' with so called 8% growth and next emerging superpower is heading down the drain.But where and how can a citizen make a difference?We just are a democratic state for the records,If our Prime minister and leader of opposition cant unite today,when will they?Basically we are mocking democracy and we dont deserve one until we put our system in place!!

  2. Hey....It was a long conversation. So it took me some hours to read all of it, and assimilate some.

    I liked the examples of courage.....
    Keep chatting...

  3. You mean hmmm... karne waaala tu nahin thaa kyaa Psycho?