Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Longing For...

I last met her almost 3 years ago. It was January of 2006, when I saw her going away. Its been a long time, yet her memory is as fresh as my disastrous semester results during that period. And part of blame definitely lies with her. I know, that she definitely did not meant to hamper my already garbage like semester performance, but whenever she was around, my half energy was spent in taking my mind off her and I would  struggle to put myself up for the paper at hand. I cant forget those mornings when she used to look at me, smiling, and I used to smile back curled in my bed. There were some nights, when she gave me troubles, but at those times, she was most charming. It was 3 years ago, when I last met her.

And then she went away. She promised to come back. She promised that she will see me soon. But, I failed her. I went away. I was not sure of myself. I did not promise anything. I longed to see her. She was in my memories. She did come back. To see me again, to torment me again, to give me bliss and pain at the same time. But I was not there. I knew, she had come back. But I did not go. It was her greatness, that she was not disappointed. She said, 'I know, you will come back one day. Take your time. I will still be waiting'.

And I came back. 3 years was a long wait. I have sensed that she is coming once again. I cant wait to see her again. She has already  started teasing me*. 

Here, I am. O Winter, Glorious winter!! Come soon and inhale me.

* Suffering from (20% cold+30% Cough+50% severe headache)

P.S--> Desparately waiting for Saturday to come. Going home after nearly 1 year. Will be away for some time. So, my handful of dear readers, Dont miss me :)


  1. Hey, Were you really talking about the winters...I also miss her so much....But half way through your post...I thought she was one of the posters in your room...Hihihi

  2. Really a nice piece of writing.. Liked it a lot... Keep it up. After some time you have to write same thing for summers too.. So prepare yourself

  3. get urself a girl frnd.. u wont be so insane then.. :P

    too bad u make us anticipate so much n thn... woosh... evrything is washed away...!!

  4. I was waiting for the twist in the tale... :)... Happy B'day, bhai! Hope you have a great day and year ahead!