Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Smiled, She Smiled

After spending couple of hours in the dignified coolness, which the confines of CCD was happily providing me, I finally decided to move out. I walked out into the beltering heat  of the Sun, in to the Sunday mildly crowded roads.  I still had time to reach, where I intended to. So, scorching heat notwithstanding, I decided to walk.

I saw her. She was coming from the opposite direction, but on the same side as I was. She was not alone. She was with a guy who was walking beside her. Distance between them was enough not to attract attention. Oh, yes, I did not pay much attention to him. Oh, sorry, I did not pay any attention to him, except for the fact that he was with her. It was hard to take your eyes away from her face, once you have seen it in all her prettiness. I kept on moving. And then I noticed a little girl, with a pleading face, that can melt an iron rod with its coldness. The little girl was half walking, half running behind the boy, urging him to buy a rose from her. The boy shoo-ed her away blatantly, with a whip of his hand. I dont know, what he thought more absurd. Buying a rose from a little girl in the middle of the road with Sun watching brightly, or giving the rose to the pretty girl he was walking with.

The little girl found her dying hope getting a fresh air, when she saw the girl looking with pristine gentleness. She wanted the rose. It was written on her face. But, something was stopping her. She kept denying the little girl politely. I went past her. I went past the little girl. I didnt notice the boy, though. The little girl gave up. She had trusted the girl, whom she was calling 'didi'. Both kept on walking. In opposite directions. But the girl's eyes were still on the little girl. She kept on looking as she moved away. I stopped. I was looking at her. The little girl came near me. She did not say anything. She did not have to. I had bought the rose. I raised the rose, in a manner saying, 'in your name' towards the pretty face. I gave the rose to the little girl. I said,'This rose is for you'. She was still looking. This time at me. I smiled. She smiled too. She was still smiling, when atlast that devil boy intervened. She went. We knew that we both were smiling.  The Sun smiled  with a wink behind a cloud. And the little girl smiled too.


  1. This is something that is very hard to believe...but if its real, then you have certainly changed a lot...

    Loneliness can teach us a lot of things I guess...

    So... Who was SHE?????

  2. @beanie
    If it is real or just my stupid bollywoodish imagination....

    Let it be mystery...

    Bottom line is... It is me. And I am just making conscious effort of not failing to act when situation demands it. If it is fetches results, good and if not, then well....whatever :)

  3. Should i believe the story or not, but the concept of writing is nice.. Liked it...