Thursday, October 23, 2008

How True!!

Below lines are the opening songs of a animation movie 'The Lion King'

From the day we arrive 
on the planet
and,blinking,step into the sun

There is more to see
that can ever be seen

more to do 
than can ever  be done

there is far too much
to take in here

more to  found 
than can ever  be found

But the sun rolling high
through the sapphire sky

keeps great and small
in endless rounds

Its the circle of life
and it moves us all
through despair and hope
through faith and love
till we find our place
on the path unwinding
in the circle
in the cirle of life

Just makes us realize, how significant or insignificant, we and our problems are  in the bigger picture.

And yes, ever found a lion cub so cute? No? Watch 'The Lion King'. You will feel like adopting one. Shhh, we discuss this in whispers. Else, those animal welfare organisations come out with daggers.  

Oh Simba, you cutie!!


  1. I am bored of watching so many movies...Only after your second recommendation, I will be watching the movie. If I find it a time-waster, I will KILL YOU......