Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Longing For...

I last met her almost 3 years ago. It was January of 2006, when I saw her going away. Its been a long time, yet her memory is as fresh as my disastrous semester results during that period. And part of blame definitely lies with her. I know, that she definitely did not meant to hamper my already garbage like semester performance, but whenever she was around, my half energy was spent in taking my mind off her and I would  struggle to put myself up for the paper at hand. I cant forget those mornings when she used to look at me, smiling, and I used to smile back curled in my bed. There were some nights, when she gave me troubles, but at those times, she was most charming. It was 3 years ago, when I last met her.

And then she went away. She promised to come back. She promised that she will see me soon. But, I failed her. I went away. I was not sure of myself. I did not promise anything. I longed to see her. She was in my memories. She did come back. To see me again, to torment me again, to give me bliss and pain at the same time. But I was not there. I knew, she had come back. But I did not go. It was her greatness, that she was not disappointed. She said, 'I know, you will come back one day. Take your time. I will still be waiting'.

And I came back. 3 years was a long wait. I have sensed that she is coming once again. I cant wait to see her again. She has already  started teasing me*. 

Here, I am. O Winter, Glorious winter!! Come soon and inhale me.

* Suffering from (20% cold+30% Cough+50% severe headache)

P.S--> Desparately waiting for Saturday to come. Going home after nearly 1 year. Will be away for some time. So, my handful of dear readers, Dont miss me :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How True!!

Below lines are the opening songs of a animation movie 'The Lion King'

From the day we arrive 
on the planet
and,blinking,step into the sun

There is more to see
that can ever be seen

more to do 
than can ever  be done

there is far too much
to take in here

more to  found 
than can ever  be found

But the sun rolling high
through the sapphire sky

keeps great and small
in endless rounds

Its the circle of life
and it moves us all
through despair and hope
through faith and love
till we find our place
on the path unwinding
in the circle
in the cirle of life

Just makes us realize, how significant or insignificant, we and our problems are  in the bigger picture.

And yes, ever found a lion cub so cute? No? Watch 'The Lion King'. You will feel like adopting one. Shhh, we discuss this in whispers. Else, those animal welfare organisations come out with daggers.  

Oh Simba, you cutie!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Smiled, She Smiled

After spending couple of hours in the dignified coolness, which the confines of CCD was happily providing me, I finally decided to move out. I walked out into the beltering heat  of the Sun, in to the Sunday mildly crowded roads.  I still had time to reach, where I intended to. So, scorching heat notwithstanding, I decided to walk.

I saw her. She was coming from the opposite direction, but on the same side as I was. She was not alone. She was with a guy who was walking beside her. Distance between them was enough not to attract attention. Oh, yes, I did not pay much attention to him. Oh, sorry, I did not pay any attention to him, except for the fact that he was with her. It was hard to take your eyes away from her face, once you have seen it in all her prettiness. I kept on moving. And then I noticed a little girl, with a pleading face, that can melt an iron rod with its coldness. The little girl was half walking, half running behind the boy, urging him to buy a rose from her. The boy shoo-ed her away blatantly, with a whip of his hand. I dont know, what he thought more absurd. Buying a rose from a little girl in the middle of the road with Sun watching brightly, or giving the rose to the pretty girl he was walking with.

The little girl found her dying hope getting a fresh air, when she saw the girl looking with pristine gentleness. She wanted the rose. It was written on her face. But, something was stopping her. She kept denying the little girl politely. I went past her. I went past the little girl. I didnt notice the boy, though. The little girl gave up. She had trusted the girl, whom she was calling 'didi'. Both kept on walking. In opposite directions. But the girl's eyes were still on the little girl. She kept on looking as she moved away. I stopped. I was looking at her. The little girl came near me. She did not say anything. She did not have to. I had bought the rose. I raised the rose, in a manner saying, 'in your name' towards the pretty face. I gave the rose to the little girl. I said,'This rose is for you'. She was still looking. This time at me. I smiled. She smiled too. She was still smiling, when atlast that devil boy intervened. She went. We knew that we both were smiling.  The Sun smiled  with a wink behind a cloud. And the little girl smiled too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This is Half Fiction


One of my friends was really worried. He said,'yaar,  jane kis liye aaye hain is dharti par, kuch pata hi nahin chal raha'. 

I said,' abe, tu aa gaya. yehi kya kam hai!!'


One of my collegues,' Hey, Kunal. My dad is asking me to come home for Diwali. Will I get leave or not? Hey, tell me na yaar'.

I wanted to say,' Abe dhakkan, am I your manager? Go and ask your manager whether you will get a leave or not'.

But being a nice guy, this is what I actually said.

'Abe sun, agar teri manager tujhe chutti nahi degi, to tu ghar nahi jayega? Projects to aate rahenge, jaate rahenge. Job to tujhe dusri bhi mil jayegi, par Baap to tera ek hi hai!!'

Last heard he has booked his tickets without informing his manager.


Few days back, I went to meet one of my friends at Delhi Railway Station. I rarely spoke three words continously in an almost 90 mins talk.

Here are the most often words used..

Shit yaar!!
Tension mat lo
oh ho!!
Uske baad?

Needless to say, the person was from Venus. I guess, the ratio of words spoken by her and me was somewhere around 5000:1. Hmmph, I really fall short of words while talking to girls.


I usually take a walk while returning from office with a friend of mine. Here are a few illustrations of how he usually starts his conversations.

'Tujhe pata hai, Pune mein maine do ladkiyan patayi thi......................................................................

'Yaar, ek baar to ek ladki mere ghar par meri maa ke paas baat karne ke liye chali gayi thi..........

'Main ek baar ek ladki ko seriously liya tha, par usne mujhe seriosuly nahi liya. Uske baad main kisi ladki ko seriosuly nahi leta.............................................

'ek ladki se main baat kar raha tha, mujhe uspe gussa aa gaya. Maine daant diya usko. Ab uske phone aa rahe hai aur main utha nahi raha. Ab raat mein time pass kaise hoga yaar......................

Huhh, no wonder,I am still single.

Enough of these light stuffs for now. I do have some serious stuffs to write. Well, may be some other time.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost Famous!

'Hey, you', the teacher suddenly said in the middle of explaining some topic. The whole class of almost 80 students  was under absolute silence for a few seconds. I looked up to see who it was the teacher called. 

'Shit!', I muttered with gritted teeth, seeing the finger pointed at me. I got up.  Teacher demanded,'What are you writing for so long? Bring the copy to me. I want to see it.' I was very nervous(not afraid though). I presented a thick file to the teacher. He was very furious. I was completing my workshop file in a Chemistry Class. 

'What is your roll number?' 


'Hmm(checking the attendance register)...Mr Kunal Kishore Malviya, get out my class'

I knew it was futile to make excuses. I accepted my mistake and took the punishment.

This incident, my friends, was the highlight of my 1st semseter engineering class.  This incident made me a household name, for everybody who was present in that class. Though, I am not particularly happy at the incident taking place, but in hindsight, I can just laugh at it and be happy at the positive results, it yielded.

A few days later.

In the same class, the teacher was telling each one its attendance count.  I knew, mine was well enough to clear  the cut off required, I was a bit surprised, when it came out to be that I was leading the class by a margin of one. I just calculated that he had still given me attendance for 'that' day. Reading my face, he just said,' You can not get punished twice for the same offence, isnt it?'

I just admired him. 

I learnt from the incident, though, that I will have to be little more careful with my instincts and which are the classes which are most suitable to complete workshop files.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Payback Time

          Everybody knows whats going inside the head of Mohan Bhargav. Expression(or the lack of it) says it all.

Scene 1: A poor, ill-fated but honest 'julaha' turned farmer sitting in a dimly lit room across a rich US returned Indian and telling him his story of 'still existing discrimination on the basis of caste' and his  incapacity to pay land debt.

Our rich NRI listening to him with 'mute outside-shocked inside' expressions.

Scene 2: While sitting beside a window seat still immersed in his thoughts of the other day, a small boy of about ten comes and begs you to buy a glass of water for 5 paise. He takes the water and gives a  Rs 5 coin in return. While the boy is counting his money to give you in return, the train starts and finally runs away.

The two scenes are from movie Swades,  a rare Sharukh flick which I admire. I have watched this movie countless times and each time I have undergone  the same current of emotions with the intensity only going stronger and stronger.

These two soul stirring scenes, in my view, will be one of the greatest scenes ever to grace the big screens. These two scenes reveal the dark and ugly face of INDIA which we almost always tend to neglect behind those big glass buildings. May be a rich poor lad living in posh Mumbai have not witnessed situations like above. But, I have. You stop at a signal for 2 mins, and you see a couple of half clad children displaying a few antics of their own and then looking  at you with expressions which just cannot be put into words. Or worse, a lady will come with a baby(needless to say that both will be in utter bad shape) and will beg you for your kind attention. I am sure that situations like these and above can have more jaw-dropping reactions than one while seeing Bipasha in bikini. The bikini will remain with you momentarily, but the faces of those children, will cut through your heart, as it has cut mine, not once, but again and again and again. I tend to agree that seeing these situations so often have made our senses numb and indifferent much the same way, as regularly happening Bomb blasts doesnt evoke enough reaction now a days. 

Every time I see something like these, I say to myself, ' Dont forget those faces ever. You have to come back some day. You have to give it back some time.  You have to risk it all at one point'. 

I once read in a Hindi chapter- 'Akela chana bhaad nahi phod sakta'. I say, 'akela chana try to kar sakta hai'. 

The payback time has to come.

Remembering Gandhi's words:

Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved, or because others do not yet share it, is an attitude that only hinders progress.