Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazy Tea Drinker

Saw some dream, a nightmare in fact. Dont remember the exact contents, but I was definitely not feeling great when I woke up in the middle of night. Frantically looked for my cell to see the time. 5:12 AM..err..not bad I thought. It has been drizzling relentllessly here, it is a kind of weather which makes coming out of bed doubly difficult. But, being a hardworking guy(yeah...I know you will have a lot of comments on this), weather cannot keep me  pinned  to my bed. So, I come out of my bed to do what I had to do. I knew I had to do this, and as I strive for  perfection, I wanted to do it myself. I go straight to kitchen, praying that some milk is present. Ahh...I found it. Thanks a ton to my generous roomies, I can have a hot steaming cup of tea straight out of my own hands, which is all I want now. 

This has been the most noticeable change in me in the last month. Though, gulping 6-7 cups of tea in a single sitting was never a  tough task for me in college days, but those days were  far between. And I was never an addict.  Though, we all aspire for good, kadak cup of tea when the weather is almost inviting you with its pleasantness, I was the one who will not feel particularly invited. I was happy being cuddled in bed under a light blanket, with Fan on. But, this has all changed now. Now, I make my own tea in the evening and compulsarily need one in the morning to have my senses start working. And..gosh...I didnt even know how to make one hardly 15 days back. I asked my roomie to give me crash course on - 'How to make a great tea?' He was more than happy to give me the lesson, as I was 'drinking' with his effort for last one month. As, I did nothing but just sit in front of my lappy with a quirk smile on my face whenever I am at home, the hot steaming tea which he brings every now and then just about completes my picture of a lazy busy day.  And he feels happy now, because I can also bring tea for him sometimes.(Though, I pretend to be either sleeping or having a pain in my back whenever he is back from office, less he asks me - Abey, chai banayega kya?).  But, whenever I do prepare tea for him, he smiles and says - Wah, kya chai banaya hai yaar. Ofcourse, that makes me happy too!!

OK...Just finished my tea. Got to do now what I had to do. SLEEP!!!


  1. Hahahaha, well, I can imagine what an achievement that would have been for you. Making Tea !!! And the other question is... Have you become an addict??

    I was never addicted to anything, except for, say, some cigarettes, but now, I can proudly say that I have overcome that addiction.

    Congrats man, I hope, till you marry, you will learn some more things which could please your roomies...May be a coffee, ot lemon tea.

  2. felt like an achievement. Though I dont like to be called an addict..but I guess...I have become one. But then all creative people have this kind of addiction...hehe