Monday, September 29, 2008

Are you there and Others

Are you there? Are you there?
Are you there? Are you there?
Are you there? Are you there?

This is the voice, which has been irritating me a lot for a few days. This is the ringtone kept by one of my collegues in his extension phone and he is away from his seat 83.4% of his time in office. Geeeeeeeeeeee!!
Arre bhaad mein jaa!! Yes, I am here, but I wont lift the call.(Pun intended)

Of Other news - 

One of my collegue was happily saying everything in affirmative whatever he was asked. Though I got the meaning, but I was not exactly getting what word he was using. So, I said - "hey, hold on. What are you saying? Is it 's', 'Yes' or 'Ass'?" Thats a different matter that he almost threatened to kill me after the last word.

I just read that a fatwa has been issued against Pakistan Prime Minister (some Ziradari or Zardari!!) aftet he complemented some American minister - 'You are gorgeues'. Offcourse, she was a lady yaar. Just wondering, if they had given him a place in Pakistan Kabaddi team, if he had said - 'Mohtarma, maaf kijiyega, par aap mein wo baat nahi'!! Speaking in urdu may have been a good idea though. Huhh....When will people grow up?

Now moving to some entertainment news.

Sanjay Dutt was pretty upset with Imran Khan when Imran did the stunt of jumping from 12th floor by itself for his soon to be released film 'Aguwah'. Oops, Kidnap. Sanjay promptly called the Oscar khan and expressed his concern. Here is the excerpt of their conversation:

Sanju calling Aamir - 
He hears the caller tune - Maa, Meri Maa...
Sanju puts the phone away from his ears as he becomes too sentimental after hearing this song. Aamir finally lifts.

Sanju  :   Hello
Aamir :   Hello, Haan mamu, kya haal hai?
Sanju  :   Arre main to nakli mamu hun, tu asli mamu apne bhatije ko samjha, nahin to tapak                          jayega ek din. Saala 12 manjil se kudne ka stunt khud karta hai.
Aamir : Jawani ke din hain. Karne do. Jab umar ho jayegi to sikh jayega. Aap bhi to sikh gaye.
Sanju  : Meri leta hai, kasam se Kidnap karwa lunga.
Aamir : Chill Mamu, abhi mujhe Oscar jitne ka tension hai, ye sab chote mote cheez ke liye meri                  secretary ko phone kiya kar.

To aapne dekha ki, ki how a Imran ke  josh mein kiye hue ek nadan harkat has put a darar in the friendship of two Mamus.

And now the most important news. And I hate myself for this. I have lost, no not my mobile, but my Debit Card, yet once again. I dont know, where I dropped it during my almost 10 km journey which I took yesteday. I only came to know about this in the night , when I had only 20 Rs in my pocket and I went to ATM to withdraw some money for my dinner.  I didnt panic though.(Ab to aadat si ho gayi hai yaar!!) Luckily, no damage done.


  1. Hehe....the last news is the best among all. Aadat to theek hai, par baaki cheezon ki bhi to aadat daalni chahiye....

    Jaise, ATM card sambhaalke rakhna, Mock CATs me score karna...etc etc...

  2. ee entertainment news nahi...copied news hey....:)

  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!