Sunday, September 14, 2008

And Now Delhi!!

This is a chaotic scene at Barakhambha Road in Delhi. This is the same road from where  I boarded the buses for Noida for last 2 weeks. And I didnt go this week to meet my friend. Call it fate or something else. If I had gone, who knows, I may not have been writing this. 

 I did get a few calls after the blast enquiring about my well being, which made be believe that there are a few who would have been affected if any misfortune had happened.  Though, we always feel shattered, emptiness, hollowness, anger, sympathy, pain when ever anything of this sort happens, this feeling evaporates in thin air as soon as we get a deadline to complete the coding of a module by your boss in office. But this blast me realize:

-the danger is closer than it appears
-misfortune may be just on the other side of the road

Just think,  that one of the pictures of people in the photo might have  been mine, just another innocent victim of crime. 

This piece is not meant to scare anybody. You ask me - am I scared? I say blatantly 'Yes'. Yes, I fear and I am scared. But more about the society and the atmosphere I live in than myself.  I am scared more about the impending doom that is looming large, unless, unless......................


  1. Kunal,

    This thing seems more scary when you read mails send by the groups. As Mujahuddin sent a mail to media which indicate this is done by Muslims, for Muslims. Which means they are spreading a confusion in Hindu dominated world. Who will repay for these panic is still in the lap of future? but it is quite straight forward that they are more inclined to trigger some thing big; May be a riot or sth else

  2. If you ask me, honestly, I would say, I am not scared at all. I little concerned, but definitely not scared. I don't know the reason, but perhaps, it's very natural for me.

    I sometimes get angry, angry with our Government, angry with the people who are doing this, angry with the people who are watching silently(including me). I always thought that, by nature, humans hate violence, but incidents such as these are slowly shaking my beliefs.