Monday, September 1, 2008

Papa:Dont Read this!!

Its Friday evening. Came home quite late by my standards (around 7 PM). My collegeues are so supportive that when, one day at 5:15 PM, I was still in office, one of them remarked, " aaj to tera overtime ho gaya yaar!!". I just politely replied,"Yes, you are true, sir. I was about to leave".

Now, coming to the day under discussion, (couple of days back), when I entered, I found an unusual calm at home. I soon found out that, all the guys are in one room. Their animated faces say that they are in a state of 'forced concentration'. Confused, what a forced concentration is? Imagine watching saas bahu serials with someone, when you want to watch beach volleyball, but cant do anything, less you offend someone. Here, the man of the moment is someone who looks like a financial analyst. All formally dressed with shining black shoe. You know, the sort of guys who helps you with your investment plans, or rather tries to help you. And when you meet him, after listening to all the plans which he has in his kitty, you gently say, " I will call you back in couple of days after considering all the aspects." And both the parties know that the call will never be done. On the present occasion, however, the other guys are pretty serious or rather look very serious. And with every passing moment, the guy is confident of striking atleast a couple of deals.

And here I enter. I say, "aur bhai logon, kya ho raha hai." They continue their discussion without paying much attention. Feeling something important going on, I also sit and try to concentrate to listen to his words. After some 15-20 mins, he is all done. Then, he looks at us and you suddenly remember that you have to ask a couple of questions to make him feel better and assure him that you actually listened. Now, I am quite good at it. So, I shoot a couple of questions and he seems impressed and sees in me his next client. My expressions can be quite deceptive as he soon realised. He started asking me ques...the ones like, where do you work, how long have you been working, what is your present salary and how much you get in hand approx and how much are you able to save every month. Lots of questions..huhh. My friends are quite amused. They are assured that, now atleast I will oblige the guy and he wont have to go empty handed. Then came the big Q:

"So, sir, how much money do you have in your account now?" asked the guy.

I said," Rs 393.60".

All hell broke loose. My friends started laughing.

The guy, not able to frame the correct kind of response, just muttered, "Surely, you are joking Mr Kunal".

I said, " I am not".

The guy had to go empty handed. I could clearly listen the echo in his mind - "When will these software engineers learn to save".

Two years of job and Rs 393 in my account? Sounds strange, weird, inconcievable? But unfortunately true. I do not have any answer to 'HOW'.

My friends said - "Paise transfer karun kya!!!". I just smiled and said, "No need to worry, salary day is just 2 days away. I can manage".


  1. Hahaha.... Well, 393, thats not as bad as mine. For a period of almost four months, I was having two digit figures in my bank account. And for the question where and how, you just have to look at my credit card bill. At a point of time, my balance in my bank account and the bill on my credit card totally complemented each other. I mean, if you add them both, of course, with the right signs(+/-) you will arrive at a figure almost surprisingly equivalent to the salary debited into my account on the first day of the month. Well, according to me, this is the best thing you can do with your money, for the inflation is just over 12%. And the idle money in your savings bank account will only fetch a meagre 4%. So SPEND IT ALL, BUILD YOUR ASSETS.

    And for that agent, they will gradually realize what a waste of time is it to convince IT guys like us to save for the future.

  2. Good....I forgot to tell him that my credit card bill is 38K...hehe
    I can sense that he is on the verge of either suicide or murdering me... :)