Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Indian Punch

I returned from office around 5:30 in the evening(a bit late than usual) and instantly asked my roomie - "Bhai, match kitne baje se hai". He said,"shayad 6 baje se".

On any other day, this conversation would be understood of being one about Cricket. But, it was not. It was about Boxing match (Beijing Olympics Quarterfinal)

Of all the games in the world, boxing is the last game an average Indian mind takes interest. I may be wrong in the above statement,but this is what I have experienced so far. We discuss the repeated failures of Sachin, analyse the inconceivable consistency of Hussey, the triumph of Dhoni, the rise of Shaun Marsh, the inspirational leadership of Warne, or more recently the weirdness of Mendis's bowling. If not cricket, then we curse the pathetic state of Hockey and non-existence of Indian Football. Even the no-achievements of Sania Mirza get more coverage and viewership than other games. Where does Boxing come? I have never witnessed a boxing match being discussed with earnest interest. We have never waited eagerly for a boxing match to commence as we have waited for an indian chase in 2nd innings to start. But atlast or atleast, I witnessed a change....even if it was for a meagre 10 mins or so...I will cherish it for a long long time.

The quarterfinal match started. The suspense created by the various news channels was an icing on cake..though a bit irritating. Despite feeling sleepy, I was all set to cheer Vijendra. The excitement was evident everywhere. As it happened, every solid punch, every solid defense and every point won was cheered with full throttle. In between rounds we discussed his clever defense, his subtle movements and his quick attacks. With every round won, we could smell the victory and when finally his counterpart from Ecuador bit the dust, our joy was boundless. Though assured of a medal, we all felt, the job is only half done. Now, go all the way and win the Gold for us. It was indeed very heartening to see a sport other than cricket being given a overwhelming support. After all, it was a matter of National Pride..isnt it?

Looking back, I just think that it was just the unexpectedness of a Gold Medal win from Abhinav Bindra in shooting that caught everybody off-guard. Otherwise, it would have found a similar audience. Now, we are just left to search his winning shot video in youtube and play it over and over and feel proud of ourselves.

P.S - This post means no disrespect for any game. I am just happy that every game is getting an audience which can feel the agony of a disappointing loss and rejoice in a stupendous win and nothing will go unnoticed.


  1. Hmm...I was not so fortunate to get the glimpse of the winning moments of our new-found hero, but I certainly read each and every article on boxing and Vijender the following day. It's finally a bronze for us. I am happy anyway.

  2. Everything changes the day you start winning.. People will remember your name till the time you win.. People will watch you, they will appreciate you. They will mock you, they will copy you but once you start loosing they will be disappointed and the day that disappointment will reach to there heads they will forgets you.. The live example of the same is hockey... The national game which is on the verge of extinct... So its all win nothing else