Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dude..Dont you have any manners?

Hey..guys.. remember her?

She was the cause of our momentarily (well more than a moment actually..)increase in our interest in TV.

She was the reason why four wandering souls use to spend a Saturday evening in room and pulling each others leg.

And her scathing dialogs - Dude, " dont you have any manners" were a part of our lingo for quite some time.

And when she was gone, so did our interest in MTV Roadies 5.o.


  1. Well, though I was not a regular viewer of the Roadies 5.0, she seemed to be on everyone else's mind. Be it in office, with friends, or even with my sisters, she was always mentioned during our conversation. I have seen here, may be once or twice, and even without watching the TV show, I already know a lot about her from other sources. She is really famous, atleast among guys, and girls as well who desperately want to be like her. Good Luck girls...

  2. for sure.. how can we ever forget her.. Shes our roadie for the next couple of years..!!