Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Almost Famous!

'Hey, you', the teacher suddenly said in the middle of explaining some topic. The whole class of almost 80 students  was under absolute silence for a few seconds. I looked up to see who it was the teacher called. 

'Shit!', I muttered with gritted teeth, seeing the finger pointed at me. I got up.  Teacher demanded,'What are you writing for so long? Bring the copy to me. I want to see it.' I was very nervous(not afraid though). I presented a thick file to the teacher. He was very furious. I was completing my workshop file in a Chemistry Class. 

'What is your roll number?' 


'Hmm(checking the attendance register)...Mr Kunal Kishore Malviya, get out my class'

I knew it was futile to make excuses. I accepted my mistake and took the punishment.

This incident, my friends, was the highlight of my 1st semseter engineering class.  This incident made me a household name, for everybody who was present in that class. Though, I am not particularly happy at the incident taking place, but in hindsight, I can just laugh at it and be happy at the positive results, it yielded.

A few days later.

In the same class, the teacher was telling each one its attendance count.  I knew, mine was well enough to clear  the cut off required, I was a bit surprised, when it came out to be that I was leading the class by a margin of one. I just calculated that he had still given me attendance for 'that' day. Reading my face, he just said,' You can not get punished twice for the same offence, isnt it?'

I just admired him. 

I learnt from the incident, though, that I will have to be little more careful with my instincts and which are the classes which are most suitable to complete workshop files.


  1. Hehe.... I guess, you are not sitting at the back or may be you were not hidden behind the front benchers well enough...

    I have never been asked to get out of the class in engineering, but i surely have some experience in my school days. I learnt from them, and did not repeat my mistakes. For these things. I always made sure that I could never be aught by the profs of our college.

  2. First thing, who was this teacher? Was he barmani? Dude this guy was my first year terror... I used to think man i should not screw up with this person otherwise No eng degree for me.. Anyways I never gone through the same situation but it feels great when you will have told to get out of class for some idiot reason... It looks embarrassing[:(] but We idiots always laugh after throwing out of class... I think those were the another moments we used to march past to khokha... Another reason to sit at khokha[:P]

  3. @Chidi
    Reminds me of another incident.
    Can think of writing another post, but thoda centiyap ho jayega..hehe
    i will better write something else..

  4. @chidi
    and he was not barmani...he was DP singh...(Chemistry teacher)..
    he was a cool teacher though...I guess, I just offended him that day....neway...every experience is good experience....