Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dude..Dont you have any manners?

Hey..guys.. remember her?

She was the cause of our momentarily (well more than a moment actually..)increase in our interest in TV.

She was the reason why four wandering souls use to spend a Saturday evening in room and pulling each others leg.

And her scathing dialogs - Dude, " dont you have any manners" were a part of our lingo for quite some time.

And when she was gone, so did our interest in MTV Roadies 5.o.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Indian Punch

I returned from office around 5:30 in the evening(a bit late than usual) and instantly asked my roomie - "Bhai, match kitne baje se hai". He said,"shayad 6 baje se".

On any other day, this conversation would be understood of being one about Cricket. But, it was not. It was about Boxing match (Beijing Olympics Quarterfinal)

Of all the games in the world, boxing is the last game an average Indian mind takes interest. I may be wrong in the above statement,but this is what I have experienced so far. We discuss the repeated failures of Sachin, analyse the inconceivable consistency of Hussey, the triumph of Dhoni, the rise of Shaun Marsh, the inspirational leadership of Warne, or more recently the weirdness of Mendis's bowling. If not cricket, then we curse the pathetic state of Hockey and non-existence of Indian Football. Even the no-achievements of Sania Mirza get more coverage and viewership than other games. Where does Boxing come? I have never witnessed a boxing match being discussed with earnest interest. We have never waited eagerly for a boxing match to commence as we have waited for an indian chase in 2nd innings to start. But atlast or atleast, I witnessed a change....even if it was for a meagre 10 mins or so...I will cherish it for a long long time.

The quarterfinal match started. The suspense created by the various news channels was an icing on cake..though a bit irritating. Despite feeling sleepy, I was all set to cheer Vijendra. The excitement was evident everywhere. As it happened, every solid punch, every solid defense and every point won was cheered with full throttle. In between rounds we discussed his clever defense, his subtle movements and his quick attacks. With every round won, we could smell the victory and when finally his counterpart from Ecuador bit the dust, our joy was boundless. Though assured of a medal, we all felt, the job is only half done. Now, go all the way and win the Gold for us. It was indeed very heartening to see a sport other than cricket being given a overwhelming support. After all, it was a matter of National Pride..isnt it?

Looking back, I just think that it was just the unexpectedness of a Gold Medal win from Abhinav Bindra in shooting that caught everybody off-guard. Otherwise, it would have found a similar audience. Now, we are just left to search his winning shot video in youtube and play it over and over and feel proud of ourselves.

P.S - This post means no disrespect for any game. I am just happy that every game is getting an audience which can feel the agony of a disappointing loss and rejoice in a stupendous win and nothing will go unnoticed.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My current non-happening Project

which has given me so much time to take the snap and wait for 15 mins to get it uploaded!!

View from my Flat...Falling Flat

Surrounded by Walls...Big Walls
Embrace it...or dare to see beyond that...Above that....

Monday, August 11, 2008

From a Banglorean to a Delhite!!

Long Long time ago..the devils workshop was on full swing. Giving products which was being applauded by one and all and it looked like a period when RGV was once producing movies like Satya and Rangeela and everyone thought he cannot put a foot wrong. But Alas!! So, unlike RGV, I took a break, though not a planned one.

What I did these last few months?
Lots of things. Finished a few novels(Gone with the Wind, Seabiscuit), watched a few movies, the most noticeable among them being The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, JFK, The Last King of Scotland, Once, The Princess Bride,(have not watched any recent hindi flick) and amid all these took time to do a complete overhaul of my life, my environment, my routine. Shifted my base from Bangalore to Noida. Change of Project, change of team, change of weather.

While leaving bangalore my room mates said, "tu jaa raha hai, jaa, par ab teri ye 'hep' life khatam ho jayegi. Boring life ho jayegi teri. No more baddy now, no more aish". With all my doubts and apprehensions intact inside, I went ahead. Was I sad while leaving? To an extent..yes. But I didnt try to make things complex by thinking too much about what I will lose by going ahead. I am quite good in concealing my actual thoughts behind the curtain and projecting in front what I want to project. And they think that I am a ........

I left behind the company of my good friends, that sense of belonging whenever I came from office. I dont have anyone now to argue about who will win the next IPL and or whether Federer will beat Rafa in the next French Open or whether Chidi looks more like Anil Kapoor or Sohail Tanveer(debatable). Really wanted to see Kerala once again and visit Kanyakumari, but ..Suri - dont worry..wo din bhi aayega. I dont have anybody now to make plans whether to go to Bangkok or Andaman in holidays.(The truth is we four roomies have not even went together for a movie ever, someone or the other always drops out). But who is stopping us in making plans together. Now, even that is gone. The trail of last two years in bangalore is too strong and memories too sweet to let it go so easily. Life has indeed become boring. Earlier there was no time to think or do anything. Now, I am bored of thinking and forget about doing anything...I was always a lazy bum.

Whatever was said before has indeed become true, but I think I am smart enough to come out of this predicament soon. From a banglorean to a Delhite, the journey has been abrupt but not without some pain. I am not going to compare the two cities, as each city has its own share of flaws and each city has its own charm. Nor, will I ever debate my decision, simply because I had nothing on my mind while doing it. I just did it.

Someone's loss is someone's gain. I have my fare share of friends here and I hope to make the best of them. And ofcourse, to make some new friends as well. Now I have the time to do all the non-sense I ever thought of doing(thanks to my non-happening project). Touchwood. And also to catch on my much needed sleep which I lost somewhere in the last few hectic months of my last project.

So, why to be so serious?
The art of travel is to deviate from the current plan.