Thursday, April 24, 2008

Virudh Bharti

Lets Be Honest. How many of us get time to watch TV. I will be honest. I hardly get any time. Its a hard fact that most of us spend more time at office than at home(if you call your rented flat a home), and here, I am talking strictly about those who are hard core it to software. And what ever time one gets to spend at home, that is either spent sleeping(my friends will agree for me) or heads buried deep into laptops/desktops listening to music, watching movies, and ofcourse orkuting/chatting(how can I forgot that?). And lets not talk about weekends also. Because, if by good stroke of luck, we are not going to office, most of us head towards shopping or checking out the nearest theatres.(Forum being the hottest/coolest spot). So TV comes into our day to day routine either very late at night, when you are trying to catch sleep and getting no success or if there is something coming which is worth watching(cricket/Roadies!!) or something like Dil Mil Gaya (for lady professionals!!).

I have noticed with a pleasant surprise that atleast for us, there is something which has been more involved with our lives and which is entertaining us at the same time. And it is none other than our very old Radio. I see a hoard of professionals(or non-professionals!!) waiting for their buses/cabs,with earphones and constantly fingering the channels to listen to their favourite songs. Travelling for offices can be tiring at times, and radio keeps good company.

Travelling by cab while going to office and returning is close to 3 hrs journey for me. What a pity? isnt it?. And everytime, I am in the cab, I hear a request put to the driver - Bhaiya, radio on kar dena?And as a Kannada song(for those who only know one sentence in Kannada - Kannada Gotilla) start ringing your ears, you almost scream - Bhaiya, Hindi 104 fm. I had a unique experience few days back during one of those days while going to office. Same request was put in. As the driver turned it on:

"Hello Saheli mein aapka swagat hai. Bharat ke saari sahilyon ka mera namaskar. Intezaar ki ghariyan khatam ho gayi meri sahilyon. "

Oh Man! You cant believe it. We started laughing like anything on just hearing 'Hello Saheli'. We expected anything but this out of that box. We were just in time to hear one of the conversations going on.

Tring Tring.

Hello Saheli: Haanji, Hello saheli mein aapka swagat hai. Kya naam hai aapka?
Caller: Ji Namaste. Mera naam Rina hai.
HS: Rina Ji, Kaisi hain aap? Kahan se bol rahi hai?
R: Hum to (I forgot the name of the place) se bol rahe hain.
HS: Achha. Kya karti hain aap?
R: Padhai karte the, chod diye.
HS: Chod diye. Kyun chod diye. Padhai karni to achhi baat hai.
R: Aise hi chod diye. Bas mann nahi laga.
HS: To aage kya karna chahati hain aap.
R: Karna kya hai. Shaadi thik ho gayi hai. Shaadi karenge bas.

........And then it continued with the customary song request.

But the few lines of the conversation itself was enough to leave us in splitters. But why did we laugh? Was it unexpectedness of the situation or was something really funny about that.

In retrospect, I think that I might have laughed at the situation, but in reality that conversation demands a serious attention. True, we are heading towards becoming a super power but is every Indian still getting the basic education. And, if not, then Why not?