Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thousand not so splendid suns..

If you are a book lover(excludes all kinds of academic books), then it will not take time for you to guess the name of the novel I am talking about - 'Thousand splendid suns' - by Khalid hussieni(or something like that). I read this novel a week back, the most recent one. I took it just because I had heard quite a bit about the 'The Kite runner' , the previous novel by the same author. Moreover, I didnt know anything about the kind of storytelling or the plot associated with either of these novels. So, I just thought, let me start on an empty slate.
To start with, the story is about the relationship between two women - Mariam and Laila, on the backdrop of Afghanistan war. Two ladies with an age difference of almost 20 years and having a completely different background. There are two things common between them - first both are victims of Afghanistan war in their own way and second they 'share' a husband. Apni bollywood style bole to - kismat ke maare do auratein , jo sauten hain....(did a lot of google search to find an english word for 'sauten' but could not find a suitable word!!).
Honestly, it took me a lot of time to finish this novel, quite a lot considering that it is not that big or lengthy. The book was testing my patience. The more I hoped for something to happen, something good to happen rather, the more it went towards destruction and hopelessness. It makes you wonder if any one will ever smile in this book. The story is filled with someone getting killed everytime, body parts scattered here and there, someone getting orphaned every now and then. The kind of reading which will not excite you, will not take your breath away, will not have your hand ready to turn the page as soon as you are done with the previous one. Especially if you read to relax yourself then this book is certainly not for you(Me too!!). The book has only one mood - sulken. It will never lift your spirit, except for the last two chapters and in my view, the best line of the novel is the last line.
The book looks real. It does give a message to the reader that it has been written with a lot of conviction, but it is writen just too seriously. The book is like a HINDU newspaper, all serious stuffs. The only problem is, today, people like to read THE TIMES OF INDIA. Why? Well if you know this answer, then I dont need to write more..
My next adventure - Gone with the Wind.

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