Saturday, March 15, 2008

Learning Alphabets...yet again

To start with, yesterday I was in a training session of UNIX(more out of necessity than interest). The first day, I was in full josh. The idea of learning something new and fresh just made me forgot - "the would be painful act of sitting in a class room". The problem is, the harder I tried to concentrate on whats going on inside the class, the more easily I wandered into my own world of sleep. It has been a chronic problem and I dont see any solution to this. But still, I am not complaining. Sound sleep is hard to get these days, and I will let it come in any form, anywhere.
But, there was another problem. The journey from home to office(for training) took almost 2 hrs(culprits: traffic and the distance). Though I utilised the time quite well(Sleeping, yet again), but it certainly put all my plans to attend the training properly to rest. My freshness(??), all but vanished in that tired and painful bus ride.
Now lets come to the point. The second day of the training saw me having a second stint at learning alphabets. Before you get confused, let me make clear that topic going on was the "vi editor". And my God! i have never felt so uncomfortable being close to those alphabets. With 'i' , 'I', 'a', 'A', 'o', 'O' all having special meanings, all these harmless letters were suddenly looking like jargons to me, trying to break in my so called brain and creating a space of their own and erasing whatever small memory residing in my innocent brain. I have never felt so scared being in the proximity of these small letters ever. I felt so small in front of those powerful letters that it made me realize of all the struggles a small child(me included) undergoes while learning alphabets for the first time. So, it all comes full circle sometimes, isnt it?
In the classroom, the tutor went about his business as usual, explaining everything and asking those customary questions in between - Are you getting it or not? unmindful of the 'khichadi' which was present inside my head. A few daring one even answering - Yes, I am getting(pun intended). Well, getting these letters in my head at the risk of loosing everything else would have been quite disastrous(more for others than for me). So, I safely decided to excuse myself of even trying to do this. I tried to concentrate harder. And I fell asleep, yet again.
When I finally came into senses, after some half an hour, I learned that the teacher is still stuck at explaining 'h','j','k','l'. I closed my eyes once again.


  1. that was really funny ,similar thing happened to me also when i burnt my mind with UNIX....but kunnu dont worry we never use more than 4-5 commands in practice..they'll fit in our small brains after some effort :).

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  3. Gud one, And its quite hot these days in bangalore. What can be a better place to have a sound sleep, except an air-conditioned training room.

    UNIX, people say is something that is very important for us, but i guess, attending classes will always be our biggest raodblock in trying to learn anything new.