Monday, March 3, 2008

I like my 'weed'!!

Today was an incredible day. The day when it seems that you will get whatever you will ask for. First we saw India - seniors crafting a memorable victory (Thanks Sachin, yet again) against the kangaroos in the first final and then we saw colts squeezing a victory in the U-19 world cup final against South Africa. And Hyden Sir - Dont have any double thoughts. We love our 'Weed' very much. Surely, we could not have asked for more. A perfect Sunday treat for all Indians. But hold on, I am not here to describe how we did it. I am not here to talk about statistics, partnerships, run rates and other cricket terminologies. Because these will certainly be written and discussed and rewritten and discussed over and over again in the coming few days. Neither I am here to present myself an Aajtak or Star news Presenter(Need I say more!!).

I just want to present here a few lines of commentary which I picked while watching the match and which made the act of listening to it quite enjoyable.

1. After some misfield from the Aussies, when reply was being shown , this comment came from Harsha - Oh, Cameras are so cruel. Aren't they? They make you look more stupid than you really are.
I hope the point was taken by the player, though certainly with a pinch of salt.

2. Another one came when the legendry spinner Shane Warne(legendry both off and on the field) was shown on camera peacefully eating a ice cream and watching Indian bowlers cutting short the Aussies stay at the wicket. The comment was - 'Thank God. He has a harmless thing in his hand. The two most dangerous things in his hand are - a ball and a mobile phone(!!).
And we just allowed ourselves a chuckle on this statement.

And a very funny incident happened towards the end of the Australian innings. A man broke the security and came inside the ground. Nothing funny there ...right? The only thing was he was in a towel (apparently) and he lost it while running inside. They certainly didnt show this on TV. But if you thought, that was funny, check this. The next thing they show on camera is , a women security guard laughing and running towards the pavilion.

My day ended with watching Shambhavi on MTV Roadies 5.0 and then switching sometimes to watch the slapstick humorous presentation of Saif and Shahrukh at the Filmfair Awards.

What a day!!

The only concern was (and is) that tomorrow is Monday!!


  1. Well, this Sunday was truly terrific. And all of us enjoyed the games as much as you did, the only thing I missed out was the commentary. I saw the whole match on What a pity!!!!..

    And also I missed the Shahrukh-Saif show as well. Well, I hope somebody must have already put it up on YOUTUBE........

    I believe Sunday is for sleeping....Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!...On a monday morning also, I am still sleeepy, my hands just work on their own, as my mind sleeps...[:)]

  2. why on cricinfo??
    But just got confused by the hands just work on their own, as my mind sleeps...[:)]??
    tera matlab kya tha.. ;)

  3. On the Keyboards, bhaiya......

    Your IQ has decreased to a shameful level....Please, also try some Brain Exercises...

  4. yes...might be true....
    After all spending all those weekends and so much time with you...has had its effect on me....
    matlab...kuch to hona hi tha n!!!