Monday, March 24, 2008

Holi with Kids, Eggs and the hangover!!

Normally, I am quite good at adding 'masala' to the stuffs which I want to write here, in case, I find it lacking in material(and not in substance). But this one will be a real challenge, because I am adding nothing. I dont need to. This has so many things that....Ok leave it..Just get started.

Morning 11:30 AM -
Me Sleeping. Some noise coming from outside the room. I am hearing something, multiple voices- Kunal ko uthao, arre pani dal do uske upar. I am coming to my senses, resisting the voices, pulling my blanket, then, Oh! Shit man, today is Holi. I Come out of the bed immidiately, not to play holi but to save my bed from getting wet(see, I completely trust my roomies!!).
I come out, my friends ready(my roomies + three more friends) - aa gaya, aa gaya!! I ask very cordially - Do I need to change my clothes? Of course I need to. What a foolish question. My friends are good enough to let me do this. And then, well I dont need to explain anything, what happened thereafter. After about an hour when we were done and redone with our holi-war, we thought of the next natural thing to do-----> having some bhaang(sorry guys, i dont know the english word of it. I am afraid it may loose its value if any other word is used). A couple of calls yeilding nothing concrete of its availability. So two of us go outside for bhaag- hunting. Two if us go elsewhere to look for other essential ingredients to go with bhaang. Outside our house, few kids are playing with...oops thats not colour, thats something Thats unique, I think. The kids are not throwing eggs at each other...then I noticed, Oh they are having an eye on this poor soul and I run inside the house..Just in time. Narrow escape.

Meanwhile my friends come with STUFFS. We are all excited, ignorant of whats in store for us in next few hours. But for the time being, we are all thinking how to get that perfect combination to get the best taste/kick(whatever you call that). Everything is a cook for the next half an hour, giving all the advices and doing their bit to make the bhaang-shake the best. But, while the time we are busy in this, those innocent looking kids were conspiring against us and at the right moment, they wasted no more time and there were eggs all over us. Few of us become too excited. They ran to a nearby bakery and return with a crate of eggs. All of us take our eggs and we come out against the kids with all EGGS BLAZING!! It is an open war. Their eggs against our eggs. I run and catch one of those kids and spend some good two three eggs on his head. No body is spared on either side. Everybody is carrying a few yolks here and there. We realised in between that there is not enough water for us to take bath, but this fact spurs us even more to get more dirty(what an attitude!!). We are finally out of this and we concentrate once again on our job at hand.
Finally we have prepared something. It looks good. We take our glasses and fill it. We go upstairs. We all admire and take our first sip. Some body asks - Is it strong? No body has any idea. Other statements keep pouring in. " I am not feeling anything". " Nothing will happen to me". " Two glasses wont be enough yaar, We need to make some more." " There was nothing in this glass".

We all manage two glasses. We have drank everything. Everybody wanted to have the last glass as it meant getting all the undissolved bhaang. Then I excuse myself for some work and discovering in the mean time that water has finally come(thank god!!). I take my own time in taking bath and I step out of the house for few hours.

Somewhere around 7:00 PM

My phone rings. Suri(My roomie) Calling...

S: Abe, tu kaisa hai? Thik thak hai n
K: Haan, main to thik hun. Kyun kya hua?
S: Abe sab pagal ho gaye hai yahan pe. hanse hi jaa rahe hai tab se. Meri bhi halat kharab hai par main control mein hun.
K: Achha, tu sambhal ke rakh sabko. Main aata hun thodi der mein.

What I got to know was just a tip of an iceberg. I returned home after half an hour and got the full account.

Level 1: Somebody wanted to know tickets availability for Race. They called up a local theatre and said - is it Urvashi and then HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......continues. They sense something is wrong but they ignore it.

Level 2: They go to a near by bakery to have tea and snacks.
Felix(Another roomie) - Chetta - tea chahiye ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..
What is happening ..everybody wonders. They ignore it once again. They somehow come back.

Level 3: No electricity at home. Need an electrician. Suri and Chidi(name changed for privacy) go outside to find one. They somehow reach there and then electrician had to guide them to come home safely. Light comes.

Level 4: Felix is busy laughing and then denying that he is laughing so much. Suri is suspicious about his memory and thinks of memory loss. He tries to remember something from the past. And guess what he recalls. Indian Cricket team has won T20 world cup and CB series in Australia(True Cricket fan). He sighs, afterall all is not lost!! Chidi is trying to sleep. Invain. He struggles and then manages to get some sleep.

11:30 PM
Chidi wakes up. Says, I am feeling hungry. We (me, Suri and Chidi) go to a nearby restaurant.
We are walking. We play our favourite game while going for dinner. Remembering and singing a new song and an old song alternately. Chidi keeps the entertainment value intact and hints that he is still not normal(if he ever was!!)
More than 24 hrs has passed since our adventure together and most of us are back to normal.
But looks like bhaang has taken a liking to Chidi's body and decided to rest for some more time.
He keeps making his own peculiar songs and has become more hyperactive now.
And we take solace in the fact that atleast there is something in this world which can do permanent damage to this guy. God Bless him.


  1. Sale tune apna kaam nahi bataya.. N tune jo forum mein kiya, vo sab to logon se chupa hi diya hai.. Should i do the honor of writing your acts in forum :P

  2. Heel Yaaa....It can't be possible that you didn't even giggle after that bhaang party. What a pity, I missed the fun.

    Seems you have somehow added the bhaang to your words. I was laughing all the time, even after reaching the last line.

    Be warned, next time you do something like this, please do invite me. I am a pro at preparing this stuff...Have had quite some experience....

  3. Mr beanie. we do not want experienced guys.. It was fun with inexperience people.. So come keeping ur exp at home.. party is always on...

  4. And it is not kunal's words which are dancing that are the act which we did... Anyways kunal is becoming a better writer than you.. be aware of him.. u are gonna loose the race soon..

  5. Mr Vishal...There's no point in playing when you already know that you cant lose. I am happy to know that there are people capable enough to beat me, at times..

    I am never afraid of losing...But I dont give up either...

    Mark my words...

  6. Every one says these things but there are very few to prove it.... So dont play with words... Do some real work...

  7. abe tum log lado mat.....admire the blog, be happy and merry....

  8. Bhaiya....Hum unhi Fyuh Logo me se hun...aur blog ko to admire kar hi chuke hain...ur writing skills have improved quite a lot...but i will definitely catch up with you.......hehehe...WAITING for the $25K....

  9. me too waiting for that... But u have hell lot of time with you.. U sleep 3 hr a day.. u work in office 1 hour a day.. except that u have 20 more hours utilize them na :P

    Kunal's your blog is not waiting for our appreciation. It is the best u ever wrote

  10. comeon vishal...everyone has 24hrs a day....its just that you should figure out how to manage your time...then everything will fall in place...

    And Regarding Kunnu's blog, its just great as ever.

  11. I do accept... But i never mould myself to make use of inappropriate time. God told me to sleep 6-8 hours a day so do i.. after that my company tells me to work 8 hours, so do it.. now the time left is 8 hours which includes gaming.. So where the hell do i have time..

  12. Oh....then thats fine. If GOD has told you, I cant do anything. But, what if GOD comes down again someday, and asks you to work for 21hrs a day...Will you agree to that??

    Hey people, I think this is the best piece that Kunal has ever produced...And i am sure, his next one will be better than this.

  13. I think this new funda of chidi's - 'god asked me to sleep 6-8 hrs a day' is another one which popped out his head after having that magical stuff this holi...I guess hangover is still there....

  14. save kar liya hu......ghar pe jakar padhunga..saale itna bada blog likhte hai? itna time hai kya tumhare paass?