Monday, March 24, 2008

Holi with Kids, Eggs and the hangover!!

Normally, I am quite good at adding 'masala' to the stuffs which I want to write here, in case, I find it lacking in material(and not in substance). But this one will be a real challenge, because I am adding nothing. I dont need to. This has so many things that....Ok leave it..Just get started.

Morning 11:30 AM -
Me Sleeping. Some noise coming from outside the room. I am hearing something, multiple voices- Kunal ko uthao, arre pani dal do uske upar. I am coming to my senses, resisting the voices, pulling my blanket, then, Oh! Shit man, today is Holi. I Come out of the bed immidiately, not to play holi but to save my bed from getting wet(see, I completely trust my roomies!!).
I come out, my friends ready(my roomies + three more friends) - aa gaya, aa gaya!! I ask very cordially - Do I need to change my clothes? Of course I need to. What a foolish question. My friends are good enough to let me do this. And then, well I dont need to explain anything, what happened thereafter. After about an hour when we were done and redone with our holi-war, we thought of the next natural thing to do-----> having some bhaang(sorry guys, i dont know the english word of it. I am afraid it may loose its value if any other word is used). A couple of calls yeilding nothing concrete of its availability. So two of us go outside for bhaag- hunting. Two if us go elsewhere to look for other essential ingredients to go with bhaang. Outside our house, few kids are playing with...oops thats not colour, thats something Thats unique, I think. The kids are not throwing eggs at each other...then I noticed, Oh they are having an eye on this poor soul and I run inside the house..Just in time. Narrow escape.

Meanwhile my friends come with STUFFS. We are all excited, ignorant of whats in store for us in next few hours. But for the time being, we are all thinking how to get that perfect combination to get the best taste/kick(whatever you call that). Everything is a cook for the next half an hour, giving all the advices and doing their bit to make the bhaang-shake the best. But, while the time we are busy in this, those innocent looking kids were conspiring against us and at the right moment, they wasted no more time and there were eggs all over us. Few of us become too excited. They ran to a nearby bakery and return with a crate of eggs. All of us take our eggs and we come out against the kids with all EGGS BLAZING!! It is an open war. Their eggs against our eggs. I run and catch one of those kids and spend some good two three eggs on his head. No body is spared on either side. Everybody is carrying a few yolks here and there. We realised in between that there is not enough water for us to take bath, but this fact spurs us even more to get more dirty(what an attitude!!). We are finally out of this and we concentrate once again on our job at hand.
Finally we have prepared something. It looks good. We take our glasses and fill it. We go upstairs. We all admire and take our first sip. Some body asks - Is it strong? No body has any idea. Other statements keep pouring in. " I am not feeling anything". " Nothing will happen to me". " Two glasses wont be enough yaar, We need to make some more." " There was nothing in this glass".

We all manage two glasses. We have drank everything. Everybody wanted to have the last glass as it meant getting all the undissolved bhaang. Then I excuse myself for some work and discovering in the mean time that water has finally come(thank god!!). I take my own time in taking bath and I step out of the house for few hours.

Somewhere around 7:00 PM

My phone rings. Suri(My roomie) Calling...

S: Abe, tu kaisa hai? Thik thak hai n
K: Haan, main to thik hun. Kyun kya hua?
S: Abe sab pagal ho gaye hai yahan pe. hanse hi jaa rahe hai tab se. Meri bhi halat kharab hai par main control mein hun.
K: Achha, tu sambhal ke rakh sabko. Main aata hun thodi der mein.

What I got to know was just a tip of an iceberg. I returned home after half an hour and got the full account.

Level 1: Somebody wanted to know tickets availability for Race. They called up a local theatre and said - is it Urvashi and then HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......continues. They sense something is wrong but they ignore it.

Level 2: They go to a near by bakery to have tea and snacks.
Felix(Another roomie) - Chetta - tea chahiye ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..
What is happening ..everybody wonders. They ignore it once again. They somehow come back.

Level 3: No electricity at home. Need an electrician. Suri and Chidi(name changed for privacy) go outside to find one. They somehow reach there and then electrician had to guide them to come home safely. Light comes.

Level 4: Felix is busy laughing and then denying that he is laughing so much. Suri is suspicious about his memory and thinks of memory loss. He tries to remember something from the past. And guess what he recalls. Indian Cricket team has won T20 world cup and CB series in Australia(True Cricket fan). He sighs, afterall all is not lost!! Chidi is trying to sleep. Invain. He struggles and then manages to get some sleep.

11:30 PM
Chidi wakes up. Says, I am feeling hungry. We (me, Suri and Chidi) go to a nearby restaurant.
We are walking. We play our favourite game while going for dinner. Remembering and singing a new song and an old song alternately. Chidi keeps the entertainment value intact and hints that he is still not normal(if he ever was!!)
More than 24 hrs has passed since our adventure together and most of us are back to normal.
But looks like bhaang has taken a liking to Chidi's body and decided to rest for some more time.
He keeps making his own peculiar songs and has become more hyperactive now.
And we take solace in the fact that atleast there is something in this world which can do permanent damage to this guy. God Bless him.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Learning Alphabets...yet again

To start with, yesterday I was in a training session of UNIX(more out of necessity than interest). The first day, I was in full josh. The idea of learning something new and fresh just made me forgot - "the would be painful act of sitting in a class room". The problem is, the harder I tried to concentrate on whats going on inside the class, the more easily I wandered into my own world of sleep. It has been a chronic problem and I dont see any solution to this. But still, I am not complaining. Sound sleep is hard to get these days, and I will let it come in any form, anywhere.
But, there was another problem. The journey from home to office(for training) took almost 2 hrs(culprits: traffic and the distance). Though I utilised the time quite well(Sleeping, yet again), but it certainly put all my plans to attend the training properly to rest. My freshness(??), all but vanished in that tired and painful bus ride.
Now lets come to the point. The second day of the training saw me having a second stint at learning alphabets. Before you get confused, let me make clear that topic going on was the "vi editor". And my God! i have never felt so uncomfortable being close to those alphabets. With 'i' , 'I', 'a', 'A', 'o', 'O' all having special meanings, all these harmless letters were suddenly looking like jargons to me, trying to break in my so called brain and creating a space of their own and erasing whatever small memory residing in my innocent brain. I have never felt so scared being in the proximity of these small letters ever. I felt so small in front of those powerful letters that it made me realize of all the struggles a small child(me included) undergoes while learning alphabets for the first time. So, it all comes full circle sometimes, isnt it?
In the classroom, the tutor went about his business as usual, explaining everything and asking those customary questions in between - Are you getting it or not? unmindful of the 'khichadi' which was present inside my head. A few daring one even answering - Yes, I am getting(pun intended). Well, getting these letters in my head at the risk of loosing everything else would have been quite disastrous(more for others than for me). So, I safely decided to excuse myself of even trying to do this. I tried to concentrate harder. And I fell asleep, yet again.
When I finally came into senses, after some half an hour, I learned that the teacher is still stuck at explaining 'h','j','k','l'. I closed my eyes once again.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thousand not so splendid suns..

If you are a book lover(excludes all kinds of academic books), then it will not take time for you to guess the name of the novel I am talking about - 'Thousand splendid suns' - by Khalid hussieni(or something like that). I read this novel a week back, the most recent one. I took it just because I had heard quite a bit about the 'The Kite runner' , the previous novel by the same author. Moreover, I didnt know anything about the kind of storytelling or the plot associated with either of these novels. So, I just thought, let me start on an empty slate.
To start with, the story is about the relationship between two women - Mariam and Laila, on the backdrop of Afghanistan war. Two ladies with an age difference of almost 20 years and having a completely different background. There are two things common between them - first both are victims of Afghanistan war in their own way and second they 'share' a husband. Apni bollywood style bole to - kismat ke maare do auratein , jo sauten hain....(did a lot of google search to find an english word for 'sauten' but could not find a suitable word!!).
Honestly, it took me a lot of time to finish this novel, quite a lot considering that it is not that big or lengthy. The book was testing my patience. The more I hoped for something to happen, something good to happen rather, the more it went towards destruction and hopelessness. It makes you wonder if any one will ever smile in this book. The story is filled with someone getting killed everytime, body parts scattered here and there, someone getting orphaned every now and then. The kind of reading which will not excite you, will not take your breath away, will not have your hand ready to turn the page as soon as you are done with the previous one. Especially if you read to relax yourself then this book is certainly not for you(Me too!!). The book has only one mood - sulken. It will never lift your spirit, except for the last two chapters and in my view, the best line of the novel is the last line.
The book looks real. It does give a message to the reader that it has been written with a lot of conviction, but it is writen just too seriously. The book is like a HINDU newspaper, all serious stuffs. The only problem is, today, people like to read THE TIMES OF INDIA. Why? Well if you know this answer, then I dont need to write more..
My next adventure - Gone with the Wind.

Monday, March 3, 2008

I like my 'weed'!!

Today was an incredible day. The day when it seems that you will get whatever you will ask for. First we saw India - seniors crafting a memorable victory (Thanks Sachin, yet again) against the kangaroos in the first final and then we saw colts squeezing a victory in the U-19 world cup final against South Africa. And Hyden Sir - Dont have any double thoughts. We love our 'Weed' very much. Surely, we could not have asked for more. A perfect Sunday treat for all Indians. But hold on, I am not here to describe how we did it. I am not here to talk about statistics, partnerships, run rates and other cricket terminologies. Because these will certainly be written and discussed and rewritten and discussed over and over again in the coming few days. Neither I am here to present myself an Aajtak or Star news Presenter(Need I say more!!).

I just want to present here a few lines of commentary which I picked while watching the match and which made the act of listening to it quite enjoyable.

1. After some misfield from the Aussies, when reply was being shown , this comment came from Harsha - Oh, Cameras are so cruel. Aren't they? They make you look more stupid than you really are.
I hope the point was taken by the player, though certainly with a pinch of salt.

2. Another one came when the legendry spinner Shane Warne(legendry both off and on the field) was shown on camera peacefully eating a ice cream and watching Indian bowlers cutting short the Aussies stay at the wicket. The comment was - 'Thank God. He has a harmless thing in his hand. The two most dangerous things in his hand are - a ball and a mobile phone(!!).
And we just allowed ourselves a chuckle on this statement.

And a very funny incident happened towards the end of the Australian innings. A man broke the security and came inside the ground. Nothing funny there ...right? The only thing was he was in a towel (apparently) and he lost it while running inside. They certainly didnt show this on TV. But if you thought, that was funny, check this. The next thing they show on camera is , a women security guard laughing and running towards the pavilion.

My day ended with watching Shambhavi on MTV Roadies 5.0 and then switching sometimes to watch the slapstick humorous presentation of Saif and Shahrukh at the Filmfair Awards.

What a day!!

The only concern was (and is) that tomorrow is Monday!!