Monday, November 12, 2007

Why am I appearing for CAT?

Well....D-day is near enough....I mean 18th nov. And if you remember this date well enough, there is strong probability that you are the one appearing for CAT this year. I am writing this....and i remember this date I dont need to elaborate on this further...that Yes..Me too!!

But,exactly.. why am i appearing?I am still looking for an answer. Is it money or a better job profile compared to the one which i am currently in or I dont have a technical mind suited for other jobs, or I think I will be wasting myself, my talent if i dont have a job which involves managing others. Well these could be one of the reasons that others appearing for CAT could/would/should give...and with 'others' here..I mean who are really serious about the exam this year...who have spent their TIME and money preparing for it, the ones who have burned midnight oils preparing for the day..which is...just a week away. And still, i cant think of a solid reason which justifies me appearing for CAT. A reason..good enough.. which should have motivated me..altleast to put some amount of 'honest' effort preparing for 18th. And since that didnt makes me think...that may be i could not find a motivation to do that. Or may be the reason, which i generally used to give - 'I just want a change' was not sufficient and it didnt infuse enough spark in me to even try preparing. I can safely blame my so called software job, among others for not giving me enough time to prepare honestly. But the truth is..I didnt not even try to find time to invest in it. I definitely got time to watch all the new movies(even repeat some of those!!), playing badminton, hanging out with friends(AND I AM NOT REGRETTING DOING ALL THESE ACTIVITIES). But not the time to seat idle for some time and think...about the 18th. I believe you always get time to do things which you enjoy and like doing from inside and you will never get time to do things which you dont enjoy doing. And if you are not finding time to do some things...however urgent or important that thing may be....that just conveys the message that you have accepted the fact will not enjoy doing that thing. Still you do some things..which you dont like doing...thats a different case...that might be case of negative motivation.
So, I will be there at the center on the morning of 18th seeing all those faces(specially the pretty ones ;)) and trying to figure out who among those are 'THE ONES'...whose planned and dedicated effort is going to take them through this exam safely. I will be there at the center, having a chuckle on my face, with no expectations...what so ever...and knowing fully...that today's exam is not meant to test my ability.
Some may argue that it is never too late to start preparing...with only 2-3 weeks to go. But then a little knowledge is dangerous thing...dangerous not in the sense that its going to harm me any way..but then going to the exam with a half baked effort puts a sense of guiltiness in you. On entering the examination hall and getting the question paper you may realize that ...Shit!! if only you had worked a bit more, may be you could have fared much better, If only. Some die hard optimists can also argue - 'you never know, Miracles do happen. Isnt it? So what is gone ...gone ...start atleast now'. Not that I am not an optimist. Sure I am eternal optimist, but then your optimism should be backed by labour which you should put in to realize the thing which you want. Optimism makes sense when it is coupled with your sweat.
Now you are getting my problem. I am not at all disappointed with my no effort, neither am i getting goose bumps in the build up to that day.I am not kicking myself for doing nothing...but I am surely kicking myself for not able to trace a reason which should have pushed me to atlest try. May be i was too lazy...even for that.
One week to go...and and with nothing on my mind, i am just going to enjoy myself there(easier
said than done!!) and yes ...of course trying to find that...which will ignite me to do things which should be done. You dont need a reason to do tasks which you enjoy doing. You just do it.

Still...Housle buland hai!!!


  1. Why are you appearing for CAT? Let me tell you, its because you need a topic for your blog [:D], thats why!

    Anyway, thats a good enough reason for me. Keep posting!

  2. I strongly agree with Mr. Roy. And for you information, Kunal is planning to give all the exams like XAT, FMS, etc. So, i am expecting the same number of Kunal's blogs coming up very soon.

    Come on, don't give these excuses for not finding time. People who prepare for CAT, also play some kind of sport, watch lots of movies, and hang out. But they still find TIME....I will show you how to manage time, but NEXT YEAR.......

    But, the last part which you mentioned, The 18th, it seems it will be eventful. We have a cricket match also. So, I was thinking of finishing my paper within 1 hour and rush back to home.

  3. thx MR beanie....but u totally got me wrong....or may be u didnt read my last para....the problem is not something else.....and one more thing...I hv enough topics in my mind...
    And ....U didnt get time this year...when u spent 8 months on completing your graduation[;)], I seriously doubt if u find time next year....dont look for time, but for the reason, why should you find it at the first place....