Saturday, December 15, 2007

Psycho Owners!!

Well, before I start just an FYI...
The Project has finally been completed and though one lifetime was not enough as I thought(view shared by quite a few), We did IT. But this is not the topic of this piece of writing....But this blog a way...inspired by it.
Working on this project has had its side effects on me. One of them has been gaining good experience when not so good things happen. Another has been learning the science of being patient and the art of being irritating. This is about an experince which I had couple of nights ago with owners of one of many friends house.

I had to work late in the night (nothing unusual!!), but then I decided to come home and work from there. So I reached my home around 11 oo PM. And if what was happening with the project was not enough to spoil my mood, I saw another potential Show Stopper. There was no light at my home, infact there was no light in the whole colony after the last road. And I knew what bad luck is. After seeing this and not believing my fate, i was left pondering over my next course of action. Not that I had too many... But what ever the options were there, they pointed to only one destination. I had to work. The question was either from here, from office(this would mean returning back by the same cab; I had kept the cab waiting) or somehere else. Where Where Where?? And then I thought of my college friends who lived some dozen houses before our flat. The house was on the other side of the road and due to a tree on the corner, it was difficult to jugde whether light was there or not. I called them up; light was there and so I let the cab go and proceeded towards my new office for next few hours.
I was standing at the gate. and then bhow bhow bhow!!!! That dog who is usually chained was unusually free this time. And he was spending all his energy by barking madly. One of my friend once said, " Dogs, Oh!!, they are amazing people!!" And I had replied, " Yes, thats true, and People are amazing dogs!!" Though i never got the joke of the first line, but I knew why dogs are amazing. That dog refused to cool down and let me in. Luckily(or unluckily), the owner of the house came out. Oh Sorry, not the owner, but the owner's daughter came out and I positioned myself in front of the gate at a safe distance from the dog(or the b***h!!).

She asked me," what do you want?".
I said, "I want to go upstairs", pointing my hand above where my friend was standing with a look of resignation that said "beta, tu to gaya ab!!".
She said sternly," We dont allow strangers here at this time. You cant go upstairs."
First I tried to explain her , that I may be a stranger for you but not for my friends, keeping my voice as calm as possible and not letting my irritation overcome me(Art of being irritating?). But IT was not working like everything else happening with me these days. And Then I blurted out - I have to go upstairs. Whether you allow me or not, I dont know. This is an emergency. I have to go. This is all I know at this time.
My voice was staright but on the target. It sent the message that I am not the one to budge, not tonight. Reluctantly, she said OK, but not before giving an ultimatun. She said, " You cannot stay whole night here. and you cannot sleep here". I tried to be act smart, replying that, I have to work late and do you have issues if I wake you up after 4, 5 or 6 hrs. But, she was smarter. They planned to watch movies late in night and so I can inform at anytime while leaving. I brushed aside this little statement and made my way upstairs, but not before she had that ferocious animal moved into a corner.
After that it was business as usual. Calls, chatting (some personal, some proffessional!!), and lots of work. My worked stretched to almost 4 AM. One little incident, when she sent her son to verify that what exactly was I doing when Iwas almost 1 hr old in the room that night, confirmed my thought, that she has hated me right from the start(and vice versa ofcourse).
Well, around 4 PM, I decided to have pity on my laptop and myself and thought of taking a short nap. My friend had suggested, that I better sleep here, but I need to slip out of the house before somebody wakes up in the morning. And by his look and expression I was not sure whether he meant the dog or the lady and who was more dangerous. Any way, I did sleep for a couple of hours. And then my friend woke me up, thinking that the time was right to for me to make a move. I collected my articles. My friend confirmed that there is no sign of the lady. I asked what about the dog. No sign of him either. I paved my way downstairs and was about to open the gate, WHEN......
"I told you not to stay overnight. This is very Bad. I wont allow you to come to my house next time...................................................................... DONT ENTER MY HOUSE NEXT TIME". I turned my face towards her. She was red faced. She was acting like she has been defeated by her bitterest enemy.
I said, " Thank you for the cooperation shown last night. I wont come next time".(Science of being patient).
I came out happy at my luck that I only met her and not her MOTHER.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Project is 100% Behind!!

I dont know if anybody else has faced this situation, but since i am facing it for the first time(bahut kuch life mein pehli baar hota hai mamu!!!!), in my short but eventful software career, I could not resist myself sharing this with my fellow readers. Yes Yes Yes...I say it..MY PROJECT IS 100% BEHIND. In case you are puzzled, let me explain. Day before yesterday was supposed to be the end date of my project and HAHAHA(i am literally laughing), the project has not yet started. I will not explain the technicalities(no body wants to know that ....i know) as to why and how this situation came, but still if I look at the weeks gone by, I conclude that Oh! What a project?

But still dont be in a illusion that since the project didnt even took of, I had an easy going these last weeks. I had quite a time explaining my different categories of 'M*!#$%&S' as to why the project could not be started. I guess this is the first time in the history of our application that the project is behind by such a huge margin. I can see and understand the tension, the feeling of uneasiness on the faces of my M*!#$%&S. They ask me if any sort of workaround can be done. And I say nothing can be done unless..this and that ...blah blah blah is ready. The fun starts when they ask exactly why you cannot start? And I jump on the first chance to explain them as technically as possible. My sentences are studded with technical jargons to which even they dont have any reply. And they just say "OK OK!!, Kunal, just keep me posted on the progress. And I happily say 'Sure, I will do that!.

You may think that I am making fun of the situation. But the truth is I am trying to find humour in this as I have learnt long back that cutting a sorry figure wont improve the situation. On the contrary, it may make it worse. So why not just rejoice in the record which I have just created. This is true that this particular project has made my life worse(as if it was good before...huh??). I have been spending more late nights in the office, attending more calls explaining the -'No progess 'situation at different levels sacrificing my precious sleep every now and then. But I know, the situation which I am in is nobody's fault or may be everybody's. So, Why not just talk about it and take it in your stride and just say - OK, IT HAPPENS SOMETIMES!!

Every evening when my M*!#$%&S calls me and ask for the latest development at the end of the day and he gets the same old news, he helplessly says - Kunal, you are giving me the same update for the last 3 weeks. And I cheerfully say - Dont Worry, Lets hope of a better tomorrow.

I really hope of a better tomorrow. Oops I got another update. My project is now 42.9%behind...and that too after the 3rd replan. HEHE...

P.S - Please do not disclose my Poor employer while commenting as you see I am a poor fellow and I have only one poor job which I cannot afford to lose now. :-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Why am I appearing for CAT?

Well....D-day is near enough....I mean 18th nov. And if you remember this date well enough, there is strong probability that you are the one appearing for CAT this year. I am writing this....and i remember this date I dont need to elaborate on this further...that Yes..Me too!!

But,exactly.. why am i appearing?I am still looking for an answer. Is it money or a better job profile compared to the one which i am currently in or I dont have a technical mind suited for other jobs, or I think I will be wasting myself, my talent if i dont have a job which involves managing others. Well these could be one of the reasons that others appearing for CAT could/would/should give...and with 'others' here..I mean who are really serious about the exam this year...who have spent their TIME and money preparing for it, the ones who have burned midnight oils preparing for the day..which is...just a week away. And still, i cant think of a solid reason which justifies me appearing for CAT. A reason..good enough.. which should have motivated me..altleast to put some amount of 'honest' effort preparing for 18th. And since that didnt makes me think...that may be i could not find a motivation to do that. Or may be the reason, which i generally used to give - 'I just want a change' was not sufficient and it didnt infuse enough spark in me to even try preparing. I can safely blame my so called software job, among others for not giving me enough time to prepare honestly. But the truth is..I didnt not even try to find time to invest in it. I definitely got time to watch all the new movies(even repeat some of those!!), playing badminton, hanging out with friends(AND I AM NOT REGRETTING DOING ALL THESE ACTIVITIES). But not the time to seat idle for some time and think...about the 18th. I believe you always get time to do things which you enjoy and like doing from inside and you will never get time to do things which you dont enjoy doing. And if you are not finding time to do some things...however urgent or important that thing may be....that just conveys the message that you have accepted the fact will not enjoy doing that thing. Still you do some things..which you dont like doing...thats a different case...that might be case of negative motivation.
So, I will be there at the center on the morning of 18th seeing all those faces(specially the pretty ones ;)) and trying to figure out who among those are 'THE ONES'...whose planned and dedicated effort is going to take them through this exam safely. I will be there at the center, having a chuckle on my face, with no expectations...what so ever...and knowing fully...that today's exam is not meant to test my ability.
Some may argue that it is never too late to start preparing...with only 2-3 weeks to go. But then a little knowledge is dangerous thing...dangerous not in the sense that its going to harm me any way..but then going to the exam with a half baked effort puts a sense of guiltiness in you. On entering the examination hall and getting the question paper you may realize that ...Shit!! if only you had worked a bit more, may be you could have fared much better, If only. Some die hard optimists can also argue - 'you never know, Miracles do happen. Isnt it? So what is gone ...gone ...start atleast now'. Not that I am not an optimist. Sure I am eternal optimist, but then your optimism should be backed by labour which you should put in to realize the thing which you want. Optimism makes sense when it is coupled with your sweat.
Now you are getting my problem. I am not at all disappointed with my no effort, neither am i getting goose bumps in the build up to that day.I am not kicking myself for doing nothing...but I am surely kicking myself for not able to trace a reason which should have pushed me to atlest try. May be i was too lazy...even for that.
One week to go...and and with nothing on my mind, i am just going to enjoy myself there(easier
said than done!!) and yes ...of course trying to find that...which will ignite me to do things which should be done. You dont need a reason to do tasks which you enjoy doing. You just do it.

Still...Housle buland hai!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ideas...Oops...They are so many!!!!

Writing is an ART. I have long admired people with a knack of writing. And when i say writing, it means not just arranging of words(and why only words?)...but which involves a thought process..and may have the ability to initiate the thinking process in the mind of the reader. How many times have you been stunned by reading a piece of paragraph from a novel, or stumbled upon a piece of shayari that touches your heart or heard a lyrics which forces you to close your eyes and you just say - Oh, So Beautiful!! and hearing it many times over just enhances the pleasure. Well, you must have undergone these pleasures quite a few times....I am sure.
I always admired(or envied?) those who were/are near me and they have the ability to create a symphony of words. I have been fortunate to have friends who are quite diverse in their nature as well as their specific talents. If one is a damn good painter(i was too at some time in my life;though only a painter and not damn good), the other one is a writing wizard. I have friends who are creative while talking on phone (talking for 4 hrs definitely requires creativity), creative while looking for excuses, even creative doing nothing but giving an impression of being very busy!!! Writing a novel have been one of my long cherished dreams.(Dreams....oh they are so many!!). This is just the beginning.
My first piece of this so called blog really took a long time to come in to existence. I am been asked so many times by my friends(well, one guy in particular) - Abe kab shuru kar raha hai tu likhna? And i would just say...Karunga. And i will get reply - Tu bas soch?
Well, how can i write without thinking? You see, the problem was not the lack of ideas, but the plenty of them. There were so many things going inside my head, that it was difficult to trace the root of one idea to its trunk. But then i had to create a symphony of words..literally speaking!! So here I am - on the first morning after Diwali to pick out one of those ideas lying in the pool and start building upon that.
I have always been fascinated by ONE LINERS, especially the funny ones due to their sheer content in their fragile bodies.

Consider one of these:
I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done.
Oh Lord, give me patience, and GIVE IT TO ME NOW!

The one with messages :

Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

Two one liners which i have been hearing since time immemorial are:
Well begun is half done.
All's well that ends well.

Both are true. Very true indeed. But I was wondering what happened to the soul of the the task. The very crux of the matter. How come no one liner was phrased for the middle part. Even if you begun well, sleeping after that will undo everything...and you cannot complete the other half if your intensity levels have decreased. Yoy are just not going to end well if you do not continue the good work...through out. You will get a product as good as your effort. In my opinion -
All's well that ends well - has a message of mediocrity hidden inside it, used to justify when you managed a good product what could have been a better product, if only one had the same intensity.

But then there is another one liner - Easier said than done!!

I am not sure, how well the product has turned out to be in this case, but my friend-critics who are all there, please do read this ....and ofcourse your comments will keep me on my toes.

thanks psycho for challenging me!!!!!!!!